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Shine from Shimmer and Shine.png

Shine Knicks Aljunni  is one of the two main titular protagonists (alongside her sister Shimmer) in Shimmer and Shine.


"Shine is sassy, courageous, confident, bold and witty. Shine has plenty of words of wisdom … that she makes up on the spot. She can’t be tied down by seriousness, formalities or etiquette but the one thing that makes Shine melt is animals, especially her pet Bengal tiger cub Nahal."


Shine has blue hair in a high ponytail curving upward at the ends and big, purple eyes. She has a golden band on her forehead with a pink gem hanging between her blue eyebrows.


Shine appears in every episode on the show.



  • A running gag in the show is that Shine is almost always hungry, which makes her grant snack-themed wishes. For example, she turns the bars of a birdcage into candy in "Welcome to Zahramay Falls".
  • In "Dragon Pox", Shine is revealed to be very knowledgeable about different kinds of animals.


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