Yukiden - Shingen

Shingen Takeda, also known as Red Minotaur in Devil Kings, is one of the main protagonists in the Sengoku BASARA series.


Shingen is the leader of the Takeda clan, famous for its cavalry. He has a large, imposing frame and a brilliant mind as well. He wields a giant axe, and is often starts large and unnecessary brawls with Yukimura Sanada, sometimes for no reason.

These fights usually involve wrestling or exchanging names, while punching each other in the face. However, Sasuke is a frequent witness to these brawls. The strong and wise tiger of Kai has a fierce rivalry with Kenshin, and his element is fire.

Shingen is critically ill in Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes, but in Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage, he has been healed, thus being a playable character in the game. In the next game Sengoku BASARA 4, he is featured but not playable until that game's update Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi.




  • Whether he killed the original owner or not, Shingen wears that tiger skin shirt with pride.
  • Though confirmed dead as of the events of Sanada Yukimura-den 's main story, Shingen's voice can be heard narrating the story between chapters, as well as several of the promotional videos.


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