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Shinnosuke Tomari (泊 進ノ介 Tomari Shinnosuke) is the main protagonist of Kamen Rider Drive. He is a member of the Special Investigations Unit who transforms into the titular Kamen Rider Drive to defend people from the genocidal robots known as the Roidmudes.

He was portrayed by Ryoma Takeuchi.


Kamen Rider Drive

He was originally an elite police officer and detective before he lost all his motivation after he accidentally injured his partner during the catastrophic Global Freeze and was demoted into the Special Investigation Unit.

After finding his resolve, Shinnosuke alongside Mr. Belt (Krim Steinbelt), his partner Kiriko Shijima, and the Shift Cars, he fights against the Roidmudes as the warrior Drive (ドライブ Doraibu). Once he hears of his predecessor's legacy as a Kamen Rider, he embraces the name Kamen Rider Drive.

Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

Due to alterations made to the timeline by Shocker with their History Modifying Machine, the Double Riders were defeated in 1973 by the newly emerged Kamen Rider 3, leading to a future where Shocker ruled the planet, and all Heisei Riders were brainwashed to serve them.

Shinnosuke and Kiriko thus set off to uncover the secret Kamen Riders 1 and 2 had left behind, teaming up with a reformed Kamen Rider 3 to do so. However, they eventually discovered that they had been lured into a trap, and that Kamen Rider 3 was still working with Shocker. A race was then held by Shocker to determine which Kamen Rider was the fastest, in which Shinnosuke as Drive participated. With help from Kotaro Minami and Takumi Inui, Shinnosuke was able to win the race and beat Kamen Rider 3. 3 was then absorbed into the History Modifying Machine, which transformed into the Rider Robo to do battle with the Kamen Riders alongside Shocker's army of revived monsters. With help from the Ninningers, the Kamen Riders defeated the Shocker army and destroyed the Rider Robo, setting the timeline back to normal.

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis

In the crossover film with Ghost, Shinnosuke marries Kiriko Shijima, and fathers a son, Eiji, with her in the future.


Kamen Rider Drive


  • Height: 199.0cm
  • Weight: 102.0kg
  • Punching power : 6.0t
  • Kicking power: 10.4t
  • Jumping power: 32.0m (one jump)
  • Running power: 5.7 seconds (100m) / 1.8 seconds (100m) when accelerating
  • Special Move: Speed ​​Drop


  • Speed ​​Aeromet - A helmet that protects the head of the drive.
    • Air Exhaust Pipe - Exhaust system attached to the drive. When supplying oxygen to the wearer, it has the role of removing impurities contained in the taken-in air with multiple air filters and discharging them.
    • Multi High Beam Eye - Drive visual sensor. Capture the heat source reaction and moving body reaction, and quickly grasp the situation in a wide range ahead. The information collected by the sensor is collected so that the transformant can see it at a glance, and is displayed inside the Met in real time. In addition, the sensor has a powerful light emitting function and can be used as a dazzle.
    • Head Wing Spoiler - Aero parts equipped on the head of the drive. Generates downforce throughout the body to enhance drive acceleration. In addition, it also has a function as an antenna, and by detecting the reaction of moving objects, it is possible to find out the enemies lurking in the surroundings and instantly grasp the battle situation.
    • Streamline Armor - Streamlined armor that protects the head of the drive, and uses an alloy with excellent impact resistance for the surface layer. In addition, the honeycomb structure inside the armor uses a thin and durable compression alloy, which has the property of receiving any impact.
    • Signal-D - A sensor that grasps the state of the drive itself. A blue line-shaped sensor that runs from the eyebrows to the back of the head confirms the damage status and operating status of the drive and transmits it to the R-sensor symbol.
    • Armed Shock Absorber - Armor covering the temporal and occipital regions of the drive. A shock absorber made of special rubber is sandwiched between the wearer and the armor to absorb shocks from the front, back, left and right. In addition, a wide-area sound collector is also installed, which enables highly accurate search for enemies in conjunction with a visual sensor.
    • R-Emblem - A circular emblem with the letter R in it. A device that aggregates drive body data received from Signal-D in real time. It has a function to automatically adjust the energy distribution to the whole body.
    • Crash Guard Panel - Composite armor that protects the face of the drive. By layering a high-strength compression alloy that can withstand tank guns, the wearer inside the armor is not damaged.
  • Core Dry Beer-N - Gravity drive engine that powers the drive. It is a pseudo device formed on the chest during transformation, and can be confirmed by opening the external armor. It plays a role in generating the operating energy of the drive, and can also use the rotation and vibration of the engine to emit waves that cancel out heavy acceleration.
  • G-Deflector - Armor on the shoulder of the drive. It has a shape to parry the energy attack released by the enemy. In addition, it is equipped with an exercise assist function by electromagnetic force, and it is possible to instantly increase the force of the shoulder and produce a high-speed and powerful punch.
  • G-Driving Suit - It is a protective suit that covers the body surface of the drive, and has the function of drawing out the physical ability of the transformant. The suit is made of a special fibrous alloy that greatly reduces damage when attacked.
  • Intake Arm Guard - It is the arm armor of the drive, and it is sturdy enough to be used as a shield. It also plays a role in storing the energy taken in from the intake of the whole body and the surplus energy produced by the core dry via.
  • Rapid Break Glove - Reinforced gloves that cover the fist of the drive. Since the grip strength and surface hardness can be changed freely, not only battle but also fine machine operation is possible. The surface of the glove can be covered with compression energy, and a high-power, high-speed punch can be delivered.
  • Knee Metal Pad - Titanium alloy armor that covers the drive's knees. It has the function of assisting and strengthening the movement of the knee joint, and can also deliver high-speed knee kicks.
  • Rear Cowl Boots - Armored boots equipped at the toes of the drive. The high-performance grip parts that cover the sole of the foot maintain friction according to the road surface conditions, and realize a sudden change of direction from the maximum speed and smooth acceleration. In battle, it is possible to deploy compression energy on the surface of the boot and deliver a powerful kick.
  • Type Speed Tire - Kamen Rider Drive Standard type speed tires that are equipped when transforming into type speed. By rotating the type speed tire at high speed, a counter-heavy acceleration field that covers the body is formed, enabling high-speed movement temporarily.
  • Breast Cowl - External armor made of special alloy that covers the chest of the drive. It also has a mechanism to rotate the tires mounted on the chest and a cooling device. In addition, a small transfer portal generator is incorporated in the tire mounting portion. The tires ejected from the tridron when changing tires or the like are attached to the drive by passing through the transfer portal of the chest instead of penetrating the chest of the drive.
  • Drive Driver - The belt used when transforming into Kamen Rider Drive.
  • Shift Breath - Breath used when transforming into Kamen Rider Drive or changing tires. By operating the shift breath, it is possible to accelerate and activate special moves.
  • Active Turbo Leg - Drive leg armor. A lightweight alloy with excellent impact resistance is used. In addition, the built-in high-strength suspension has the role of strengthening the leg strength and instantaneous force of the drive.


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