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Inuyasha - Shiori

Shiori is a young hanyou, and a protagonist in the anime Inu Yasha.


She is the daughter of a bat-youkai and a human woman. Because she is a half-demon, she is often annoyed, marginalized, or even beaten by the children of her village. Her grandfather, a powerful bat-youkai, takes her to her, but shortly afterwards the bat-demons attack the village again and again to kill the humans there and suck the blood out of them.

At the time of the plot, Inuyasha and his friends arrive in the village. They meet the mother of Shiori, who tells them the whole story, and asks them for help. Inuyasha assumes that Shiori is also badly treated by the bat-youkai, because demons do not accept half-demons, even relatives. But the attempt to free them fails.

Shortly thereafter her grandfather decides that the human village is to be extinguished, and attacks with his whole entourage. Shiori protects him with a barrier from Inuyasha's attacks. But when her grandfather admits to killing his son, Shiori lets the barrier disappear so that Inuyasha can destroy the bat-youkai.

Shiori gives Inuyasha a special attack for his sword, and both say goodbye to each other.


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