Shirahoshi is one of the main protagonists of the Fishman Island Arc in One Piece. Princess Shirahoshi, also known as the Mermaid Princess, is a giant smelt-whiting mermaid and the youngest of King Neptune's children.

Character Synopsis

As one of the more simple-minded and sensitive characters of One Piece, Shirahoshi is one of the kindest characters. Despite crying a lot and being very timid towards new people, Shirahoshi is not above being very amiciable and polite. Just like her mom, Queen Otohime, Shirahoshi believes that fishmen and humans can have a great future together without anymore fear and hatred. She greatly loves Fishman Island and all of the citizens of it that she is willing to sacrifice her life to protect all the citizens and everyone else from the Noah the ship. She also loves her family and are greatly loyal to them for protection and company. Shirahoshi have never truly shown any hate and disgust towards anyone especially Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX. She is also very value relationships than complete rule much like her mother. But like Luffy, Shirahoshi can be immature and childish like when she admits that she would not want to be in a love relationship with Vander Decken IX because she is not attracted to him. But she can also shown to take high risks to enjoy the pleasant-nature of life like taking a walk with Luffy despite having Vander Decken IX stalking her and disobeying King Neptune (her father's) view to enjoy this. Shirahoshi's value of friendship even extends to kind pinky promises to the Straw Hats to do nothing more than to wish them a safe journey. But when it comes down to showing any other negative emotions than crying and being scared, Shirahoshi holds no grudge towards Vander Decken IX for stalking her for mostly a decade and keeping her in confined solitude to ensure her safety. Her kindness even reaches out to irredeemable people like Hody Jones who she finds forgiveness for even though the latter brutally killed her mother and tried to destroy Fishman Island.

Screenshot 2018-01-03-22-40-05

Shirahoshi as a baby

Screenshot 2018-01-03-22-41-31

Shirahoshi when she was 6 years old

Screenshot 2018-01-03-22-41-16

Shirahoshi when she was 4 years old

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