Numbuh 1,600 (Shirley Uno, although he insists on being called "Veego") is Numbuh 1 and Lizzie's son, and the head of Sector V in the alternate future seen in Operation: W.H.I.T.E.H.O.U.S.E.. He is identical in appearance to his father (as a child), the only difference being he has hair, red courtesy of his mother. At one point in the episode, he appears to be delightfulitized, but is normal in a later scene, this act he puts on is an unspoken demand from his parents as part of having a good image because his father is the president but he is really just as passionate about fighting adult tyranny as Nigel is. His Numbuh is a reference to the White House's address. His name Shirley being a girl's name comes from the fact that his mother wanted a girl and hee has a long red hair, This is constantly embarrassing for him and for this reason he demands for others to call him "Veego" which Nigel pointed out he'd be "better off keeping Shirley".

If one notices throughout the episode, he appears to have inherited his mother's temper, because he constantly bursts out shouting, just as Lizzie does.

His outfit is a mixture of sector V's clothing. He got a long messy orange hair, His sunglasses and shorts are from Numbuh 1, he has a hoodie like Numbuh 4, the stripe on the shirt is like Numbuh 5's, and his shoes are like both Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 2.

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