Shiro Amada (シロー・アマダ Shirō Amada?) is the main protagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. He primarily pilots RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type. After the unit was severely damaged in combat, his Gundam was repaired and re-classified as RX-79(G)Ez-8 Gundam Ez8.

Shiro is a very optimistic and enthusiastic person. Although a soldier of war, he always viewed his service as an educational experience foremost. At first, Shiro had the mentality of all idealistic soldiers: eager to eliminate Zeon. His sense of thinking was driven from witnessing Zeon's dropping of the Side 2 space colony on Earth, an unforgivable act to propelled him to a military career. However, after his fateful encounter with Aina Sahalin, a Zeon soldier he fell in love with, his thoughts began to change.  As he witnessed war during his command of the 08th MS Team, his idealism began to fade and eventually developed a mutual belief with Aina to understand the enemy and to reconcile for peace; however, it was only met with criticism by his own superiors (men driven by the need to win at all cost); his disgust with the war and the Federation's unsavory tactics would cause friction with the brass. In the battle against Apsalus III, Shiro was officially MIA/KIA. Using his death to his advantage, he no longer had loyalties to the Federation and took the chance to vanish in an isolated pocket of the world to be with Aina and raise their yet-to-be-named child as a family.




Aina Sahalin

Karen Joshua

Michel Ninorich

Terry Sanders Jr.

Eledore Massis


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