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Shirou Ogami ( 大 神 士 郎, Ōgami Shirō ) is one of the main protagonists of the BNA: Brand New Animal series. He works as a special advisor to the Mayor and Police of Anima City. Unknown to selected few, Shirou is the civilian identity of mythical wolf beastman deity referred as Ginrou.

He was voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya in the Japanese version, and by Ben Diskin the English dubbed version.


In his human form, he has pale skin and slightly tousled white hair with bangs covering parts of his forehead. He has downcast frozen blue eyes. He wears a light brown trench coat with the collar turned up, a black sweater, dark gray gloves that cover part of his hands, a pair of slim dark gray chinos, and dark brown shoes. He wears a dark brown dog collar with a silver buckle and a matching belt around his waist. In his wolf form, he has white fur accented by teal fur that covers his back and the top of his head. He has gray fur on the bridge of his black nose and a white diamond-shaped pattern on his forehead. He has a small, disheveled mane around his neck that spills everywhere. His eyes are still ice blue and he wears the same clothes and necklace. Something to note is that in the last episode, after having a talk with Michiru regarding the transformation, he removes the necklace that does not allow him to transform into the Silver Wolf. This may be because Michiru's Blood has given him the necessary antibodies for Nyrvasil Syndrome and because of this he manages to control his silver wolf form. keep in mind that this form is normally activated when he felt hatred. Same hatred that caused the Nyrvasil Syndrome.


Quiet and stoic, Shirou is very proud to have been born as a beastman and passionate about his brethren; he enjoys living with them and is even moved to see them celebrating the tenth anniversary of Anima City. On the contrary, he despises humans and will go to any lengths to eliminate or disable any humans who disrupt the daily life of Anima City. According to him, any beastman who works for humans, betraying their own race, must be treated as a traitor. He demonstrated this when he breaks Yaba's rhino horn during their confrontation, taking away his beastman's pride. His perspective of humanity eventually changed to better after a fateful encounter with Michiru Kagemori, a young human girl who unexpectedly transformed into a powerful tanuki beastman, albeit from a mutual point of view of an isolated incident in Michiru's case.

After living for a thousand years helping his brethren thus sparing them from the grisly fate his fellow Nirvasyl citizens suffered in the past, Shirou proclaims himself to be the protector of the beastmen, demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility in carrying such duty. As helping beastmen in need is what truly mattered for him to the end, his selflessness saw him caring little if his altruistic deeds inspired other beastmen to worship him as their protector deity. Shirou does, however, aware with the prospect of someone exploiting the legend and belief he indirectly created for their own gain, as shown when he visibly disturbed by the appearance of Silver Wolf Order, a cult seemingly dedicated for his transcendent alter-ego and even had its guru, Nazuna Hiwatashi/Ginrou II, using her beastmen powers to impersonate him unaware that her predecessor is not only exist all along, but also alive and well.

Shirou's greatest fear is being rendered helpless while watching his fellow beastment perished either at the hands of other beings or themselves via. Nirvasyl Syndrome and succumbed to the destructive malady because of it once. He eventually got over it thanks to Michiru's unexpected (or rather unintentional) help where her mutated blood revealed to provide the cure for Nirvasyl Syndrome that plagued every beastmen in millenia. Although he can be fierce and once killed his enemies with vengeance, he has since understood that vengeance only brings him emptiness and will show mercy, only killing when the situation becomes uncontrollable.


Shirou was once a mortal wolf beastman and hailed from Eastern Europe, about a thousand years ago in a beastman-exclusive city called Nirvasyl. One day, he and the other beastmans were killed by humans led by Raymond Sylvasta due to the rampage of the beastmen resulted from stress-induced Nirvasyl Syndrome as well as Sylvasta clan's campaign against regular beastmen so as only purebreed variant of their kind that preserved as the supreme rulers of the planet. In the aftermath of the massacre, Raymond made a mistake in tossing Shirou who barely alive into the pit alongside bloodied corpses of hundreds of his fellow Nirvasyl inhabitants; the contact with their blood triggered a miraculous reaction in Shirou's beast factor, allowing him to achieve godhood where the transcendence process being the crude version of Sylvasta clan and possibly other purebred beastmen clans' ritual. As such, he carried souls of his fallen brethren into his very being upon becoming the first and original Ginrou, a phenomenon which endowed him greater power as much as being perceived as the affront to Sylvasta clan.

As Ginrou, Shirou set out to find the general who slaughtered his people, slaying countless human soldiers in the process but was unable to find him. Seeing how pointless his quest of vengeance was, he made amends by protecting his fellow beastmen instead. During the final years of WWII, Shirou rescued beastmen from a research facility, including young Barbara Rose and Kuro. The sight of gruesome results of beastmen experimentation in the same facility enraged him that he slaughtered humans responsible within before eventually suppressed his god powers upon seeing the outcome of his carnage.

Afterwards, he traveled alongside Barbara in helping their fellow beastmen as mortal up until the foundation of Anima City with his companion as its president while Shirou himself opted to become a social worker for Gem and Melissa Horner of the Animal-human Consumer's Coop by profession. He occasionally works with the Anima City Police as a special advisor and as a special duty agent for Mayor Rose.


  • Shirou's mobile phone number is (040) 5128-8814, which means "this is dangerous" if you convert and read each of the numbers in Japanese furigana.
  • He has another name in the light novel, which is "Abiyad" (meaning "white" in Arabic).
  • He is similar to Lord Sesshomaru from the Inuyasha series.
    • Both are pessimistic canine-humanoids who have longevity, but appear younger by their physical appearances.
    • Both are able to transform into their large animal forms (Sesshomaru is a dog yokai while Shirou is a wolf beastman).
    • They accompany younger girls who often aid them in situations since their respective encounters (Michiru Kagemori and Rin).
    • They despise humans since the past until they accept them in the end (the difference is that Sesshomaru viewed humans as "powerless and unworthy" while Shirou viewed them as enemies who were responsible for slaughtering every beastman).
    • They are able to heal and regenerate themselves from their injuries.
  • Shirou's true nature as the transcended beastman under the name of Ginrou was foreshadowed through some points in the series noticeable only for astute watchers, such as superhuman abilities beyond average beastmen (including surviving the fall from extreme heights), increasing concern and suspicion toward Silver Wolf Order, and him nonchalantly consuming bacons intended to be offering for his divine alter-ego.
  • His Japanese voice actor, Yoshimasa Hosoya, voices Fumikage Tokoyami and Dark Shadow from My Hero Academia, Kuboyasu Aren from Saiki Kusuo no Psi-Nan, Reiner Braun from Attack on Titan, Sosuke Yamazaki from Free!, Asahi Azumane from Haikyuu!!, Kuranosuke Shiraishi from Prince of Tennis, and Kiato from Black Clover.


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