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Let the games begin!
~ Shishimai at the start of his raid battles

Shishimai is a minor protagonist from Dragalia Lost. He first appears as the welfare dragon and raid boss for the first new years event titled "Fortune From Afar". Unlike most raid bosses who serve as their respective event's antagonist though, Shishimai is actually a supporting character serving as a boss for the sport of the heroes rather than a threat.


Shishimai resembles a Chinese dragon frequently used for parades. His face is red with gold teeth and gold eyes. He also has a green cloth around his body.


An immature dragon of good fortune from the eastern land of Hinomoto. He serves Amaterasu, fulfilling the role of distributing New Year's gifts. This fun-loving dragon despises fighting, and just wants to become the coolest dragon around!


As the party prepares to celebrate their first new year in the Halidom, they find themselves visited by guests from Hinomoto who had been sent to show them how they celebrate. Among them is a dragon named Shishimai, who wishes to ensure the New Years festivities go well.

However, Botan arrives as well with intent on forcing Ieyasu back to Hinomoto. Botan's hostility doesn't go unnoticed by Shishimai and demands everybody not to fight as they prepare to celebrate.

The celebrations begin and the party begins to take part in various games including soba noodle eating contests.

However, after during a moment of deciding who wins a cook-off between Botan and Addis, the two start bickering, prompting Ieyasu to step in. However, this only prompts Botan to argue with him.

Angered over the bickering, Shishimai prepares to cancel the celebrations which the Halidom party is understanding of, much to Botan's disappointment.

With the face-offs cancelled, Ieyasu declares for everybody to take part in a round of Shishimai's new year's gift exchange in the Kagura Stage. Shishimai grows in size during the festivities to provide the party with a fun challenge.

After one round, Shishimai declare's Euden's party to be the winners with Botan and Addis being in last place. Upon which, Botan reveals that she had been wanting Ieyasu to step down from the wyrmclan due to feeling abandoned by him when he broke off their friendship. Hearing this, the party chases after Botan where they find her being attacked by fiends. After saving her, Ieyasu explains that making a soulpact with Marishiten means that even if he stepped down, his lifespan would still be shortened, such is the nature of the wyrmclan.

Ieyasu then apologizes for upsetting Botan and not being honest with her, allowing the two to become friends again. With their friendship mended, Shishimai celebrates by providing everybody with more New Years gifts competitions.

With the celebrations coming to a close, the Hinomotoan visitors say their farewells to the Halidom party.


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