Looks like you'll be wiping with your left hand now, Sorrento!
~ Sho battling Sorrento
Ninja’s don’t hug
~ Akihide Karatsu

Akihide Karatsu (Japanese: 唐津明秀 [Karatsu Akihide]) is one of the overarching protagonist of Daito and Gunter who embarked upon Halliday's Easter Egg Hunt alongside Daito. In the movie, his real name is Zhou, a Chinese American.

He was portrayed by Philip Zhao.


In contrast to Toshiro Yoshiaki, whom Akihide sees as a brother figure but is cold and untrusting of others, Akihide is more friendly to other gunters (namely those in the High Five) and connects with Wade Watts on a better level than Daito did. He reaches out to Parzival to inform him of Daito's digital and physical death at the hands of IOI.


Daito, abort, abort! You got 10 seconds!
~ Sho telling Daito to Abort
Parzival: I think he pissed himself.

Aech: Good Job Z. We're in his account.
Sho: So he really doesn't know he's in the OASIS?

~ Sho telling everyone in the OASIS
So, you basically just remotely hacked his rig.
~ Sho telling Wade to Stop Nolan Sorrento in the OASIS
She's right, Level-99 artifact, creates a magi-resistant, impenetrable barrier. No way through it.
~ Sho coding level 99
Aech: I've never seen The Shining. Is it really scary?

Sho: Uh, I have to watch through my fingers.

~ Aech asking Sho about The Shining




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