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Hero Overview

Hey! The three of us and Gridman beat that thing! You know what? We definitely need a name for ourselves! Something like "The Gridman Alliance!
~ Sho Utsumi forming the Gridman Alliance, Awakening

Sho Utsumi is the deuteragonist of the Studio Trigger anime miniseries SSSS.Gridman. He is Yuta's best friend and a member of the Gridman Alliance. It will be type of various tropes to asset the team.

He was voiced by Sōma Saitō in the Japanese version, and by Greg Ayres in the English dubbed version.


Sho is the teenager boy who has a dark green hair with that longer on his back and blue eyes. He has a grey glasses who has a transparent sides.

He wears a light blue who has number eight slash with the darker stripes on his bottom. He also wears a white shirt, a black pants and white and blue sneakers.


Sho is a laidback, despite seen by passing Yuta's amnesia and asking Rikka arrived to shop. He telling Yuta they can want to be best friend again and he is the figure out of optimistic without Gridman. He was getting excited who being tokusatsu fanatic, before he becoming a kaiju fight excite from witnessing and he returns.

Shu can sticking out of the plane who taking care of his friends and enthusiastically buddies. In battle of Alexis, Shu can't enthusiasm after he learn by himself in the fact of casualties and his damaged resulted from every fights.

He is tries to focus on this times, along with Rikka and Yuta talking about Akane, and stop trying to Yuta running out to fight Alexis • Kerib.


Sho becoming a tokusatsu, his Ghoulghilas's weak spot able to figure out on his neck.

He was the ability after seen Samurai Calibur that the kaijuu in distance by the Gridman.



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