Shogunyan (Japanese: ブシニャン Bushinyan) is the Wind-attribute Legendary Yo-kai of the Brave tribe. He is Jibanyan's Ancestor. 

He is voiced by Alicyn Packard.


A dull blue cat with a white face and big black eyes. It has a tiny, dull pink nose and gold inner-ear coloring. The tips of its paws are white. It wears a turquoise samurai hat on its head with a big gold crescent moon on the center and accenting of gold. It wears a matching samurai armor suit, an orange sphere attached to a collar, and an orange rope that holds its sword. Its tail flames are gold.


Unlike Jibanyan, Shogunyan is dignified, but also a bit rash. He speaks in old dialect and ends his sentences with "de gozaru". Shogunyan takes his status as a samurai very seriously and hates it when others disrespect him. As seen in the anime, he got furious at Nate and Whisper for not sharing the cake he sliced up and attacked them. When he was young, he practiced his skills by slicing up katsuobushi. Since he couldn't find any in the present, he went berserk and sliced people's things.


Shogunyan First debuting in EP010 of the anime, Shogunyan was summoned when one of Nate's Yo-kai Medallium's Seal Pages glowed and the seal on him was broken by his collected medals. Originally appearing as Jibanyan when summoned, he enters the closet (disturbing Hidabat while doing so) and then emerges as the legendary Yo-kai, though he is still believed to be Jibanyan in a disguise upon emerging. Immediately, he shows his ancestral tie to Jibanyan by taking a selfie of himself and reading his descendant's magazines. Following a showcase of his swordsmanship to Nate and Whisper, he is later offended when they do not offer him any of the cake he previously cut in thirds and attacks. Though he "comically" cuts Whisper in half, Nate's display of worry over his friend's safety touches him and he gives Nate his Medal. He then enters the closet again, bidding them farewell before Jibanyan emerges once again.

He is first summoned in EP019 just to give Baku a legendary dream so that Nate's classmates will wake up.

In EP094, he goes on a rampage and slices things due to the fact there were no more of the stuff he likes to slice. Although, he did help Buchinyan split back into Jibanyan and Whisper. However, Whisper ends up crashing into Shogunyan and they become Bushiper, thus shocking Nate. It is unknown how Shogunyan and Whisper split apart because the episode soon ended.



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