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Shorty is the anti-hero and a (former) secondary antagonist in The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration.

He first started out as a villain when he bullied Littlefoot and was mean to him, but he later reformed and becomes a protagonist and became Littlefoot's older brother. He is also a supporting protagonist in the TV show The Land Before Time.

He was voiced by Brandon Michael DePaul and later voiced by Elizabeth Daily, who was voicing Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls, Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats and later Hinoka from Fire Emblem series.


Shorty is the young bully in The Great Longneck Migration, since he had a nasty past, and although Bron continued to check up on him frequently, he was the only one from that small herd that was not adopted until the end of the film, implying that he was both lonely and had an inferiority complex. He was antisocial, mostly wandering by himself and picking on other young dinosaurs, including Littlefoot. After Littlefoot presents the idea of brotherhood to Shorty, he reveals a more friendly side of his nature. He seems to be intrigued by Cera's headbutting strength and skills.


Role in The Great Longneck Migration

As Bron tells Littlefoot, Shorty was found wandering in the wilderness with eight or so orange and brown colored Camarasaurus hatchlings. Since he was the eldest of the small herd, as shown in the flashback, he was very protective of the hatchlings. In the end, Shorty, along with the hatchlings, followed Bron.

In the crater, where all the of longnecks had all gathered, Shorty and Littlefoot failed to co-exist peacefully at first. Shorty was jealous of Littlefoot because, as Littlefoot was Bron's biological son, Bron had now devoted all of his attention to him. Near the end of the movie, as Littlefoot tried to stop Shorty  from leaving the area alone, he proposed that they could be brothers, which made Shorty happier and not as jealous of Littlefoot. In the end, he gets along well with Littlefoot and his friends.

When Littlefoot decided to return to the Great Valley with his grandparents, he asked Bron to officially adopt Shorty, which he did. The two then became foster brothers.

Other Appearances

Shorty later appeared (Alongside Bron) in the short-live TV series The Land Before Time in the episode The Big Longneck Test. While Littlefoot performs the test, Shorty leads the rest of the gang on their own little adventure.