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Hero Overview

Midoriya and the others are here too?
~ Shoto Todoroki to Bakugo Katsuki in " Two heroes ".

Shoto Todoroki is the tritagonist in the manga and anime series, My Hero Academia. He is a student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero. He got into U.A. through official recommendations. He is also Midoriya's second-best friend and friendly rival.

He is voiced by Yūki Kaji and Kei Shindō as a child in the Japanese version of the anime, and by David Matranga and Mikaela Krantz as a child in the English version of the anime.


A serious but well-meaning student enrolled by recommendation, Shoto is the son of Endeavor (Enji Todoroki), a famous hero ranking behind only All Might himself. His Quirk is "Half-Cold Half-Hot", which allows him to generate and control large amounts of fire and ice from his left and right sides respectively, the former of which he inherited from his father and the latter from his mother. Raised by Endeavor for the sole purpose of surpassing All Might, Todoroki hates how his father only views him as a tool and had originally vowed to become the number one hero without ever using his fire abilities as a form of rebellion.


Shoto is a tall and rather well-built young man, he has long hair that splits between white (on his right side) and red (on his left side). He has heterochromia iridium with his right eye being gray and his left being turquoise in color. He also has a burn on the left side of his face which reaches halfway down his cheek. Appearance-wise, he is regarded as quite handsome by girls such as Mina Ashido and Camie Utsushimi.

His initial hero costume consisted of a plain white shirt, with matching pants and boots. He wears an ice-like material on the left side of his body, which is detachable from neck upwards as a way of rejecting the fire side of his Quirk.

Shoto's costume is later updated to a dark blue, short-sleeved jacket and pants with two gold-colored straps over his shoulders. A metal plated combat vest with white boots, he also has a brown utility belt that contains medical supplies.


At first, Shoto exhibited a cold and aloof attitude, often keeping to himself rather than socialising with his peers and commonly focusing on the task at hand. Despite seeming cold however, Shoto isn't openly cruel and his distant behaviour is likely a result of his complicated home life, as well as growing apart from his siblings.

Shoto detested the fire half of his Quirk, given that his fire abilities were inherited from his abusive father Endeavor. He goes as far as to completely reject his fire powers by refusing to use them completely (save for only when he has to melt his ice), as well as designing his first costume by covering his entire left side with ice. Shoto hates his father for having abused him, keeping him separated him from his siblings, as well as abusing his mother to the point of facing a mental breakdown. He refuses to serve as his successor to usurp All Might's position as the No. 1 hero.

After the events of the Sports Festival however Izuku Midoriya convinces Shoto that his Quirk is his own power, including his fire abilities. From here, Shoto develops a willingness to use his flames, no longer seeing them resembling his father. Furthermore, he also slowly becomes more sociable with his classmates albeit still retaining something of a distant attitude. It's very possible that Shoto is socially inexperienced, and does show to be somewhat dense with him not understanding social cues, such as Camie Utsushimi asking for his number. Shoto also shows to have a close relationship with his mother, the one who encouraged him to grow up and be the best he can, with him not being bound by his father's bloodline. Shoto commonly visits her at the hospital during his time off.

In battle, Shoto has a composed and well-grounded attitude but also has a habit of sudden brutality whenever angered, as shown by how he completely froze Hanta Sero during their match in the Sports Festival, although he did apologize to him afterwards for having gone overboard. He shows to be a focused and smart individual, with him working together with Momo Yaoyorozu during the Final Exams and encouraging her despite the latter's lack of confidence at the time. It is also revealed that Shoto voted for Yaoyorozu to be Class Representative, believing that she would be good at managing and leading the classroom.

While Shoto admitted not being able to forgive his father after Endeavor has a change of heart and tries to atone for his past wrongdoings, he does appear to have come to respect his father for his new attitude as No. 1, which was shown after Endeavor defeated Hood on live TV. Shoto still remains rather cold towards his father, however, making it clear that he can't easily forgive him but appears to be taking a cautious yet hopeful approach to Endeavor's attempt at making amends with him and his family. Despite this, he still remains rather hostile towards his father: during the work studies program, Shoto openly admits to Endeavor that he wants to become a hero like All Might and that he only came to his agency to use him as a means of getting stronger and gaining experience.

Powers & Abilities


  • Half-Cold Half-Hot: Shoto's Quirk grants him both pyro and cryokinesis, essentially allowing him control over fire and ice (from his left and right sides). Although with him rejecting his fire abilities, Todoroki shows more finesse with the ice side of his Quirk, he is able to instantly generate large constructs of ice, while unable to manipulate it he can use his power in a myriad of ways, including him freezing opponents, creating pillars and shields of ice to block attacks.

After accepting to use his flames, which he only used beforehand to melt his ice, Todoroki has shown to have difficulty learning how to control them but soon manages to get a better handle over his fire abilities. Todoroki has also been able to use both powers at once, although this proves to be difficult and perhaps unwise given that it dulls his movements.

If Shoto overuses either his ice or fire, then he will come to suffer from either frostbite or heatstroke, meaning that Shoto must regulate his temperature between the two. A reason that Endeavor was thankful for Shoto being born with both his and Rei's Quirk was that they could be used to counter each others weaknesses.


  • His favourite food is zaru soba (when they're cold).
  • Shoto may have been the first Class 1-A character to be conceived, barring Izuku, Katsuki and Ochaco who all existed before the school setting was decided.
  • Shoto and Izuku Midoriya share the same costume designer.
    • He is the only Class 1-A student who has undergone a radical change in costume, having changed nearly all aspects of his previous one excluding the boots.
  • Shoto shares similarities with Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender: Both have a scar of the left side of their face which was caused by a family member, start off as an antagonist before they reformed due to their interactions with the main character, have a sibling that is a major villain and can also produce blue fire, and were heavily influenced by the way their father's treated them. They also fought each other in an episode of DEATH BATTLE and Shoto won.


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