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Shouichi Tsugami, born Tetsuya Sawaki, is the main character of Kamen Rider Agito, he is 21 (37 years old in Zi-O) years old and born on April 1, 1982. He is a young man who lost his memory and was protected and lives in the house of psychologist Yoshihiko Misugi and transforms into Kamen Rider Agito by Alter Ring and has an ability to detect Lords/Unknown.

He was portrayed by Toshiki Kashu.


Kamen Rider Agito

Shouichi Tsugami is a young man who does not remember his past and lives with the Misugi family. Shoichi's ideal life is just working in his garden and satisfying his foster family. He had a weird habit of talking to someone he didn't know as Kongouji-san. He fights like Agito due to the unknown being somewhat related to his forgotten past.

His real name is Tetsuya Sawaki, the younger brother of Yukina Sawaki who fell in love with the real Shoichi Tsugami.

In the year 2002, Yukina and Tsugami participated in Professor Nobuyuki Kazaya (Mana's father) research study on paranormal abilities. Yukina has found herself a subject of study because she possesses such abilities. The two sought a romantic relationship, but as her strength matured (showing evidence of her awakening like Ajito), she committed suicide. After hearing of his sister's suicide, Tetsu tries to contact Tsugami, as his search leads him on a phrase called Akatsuki.

Unaware at the time that Tsugami himself had committed suicide, Tetsuya searched unsuccessfully for him. Instead, he discovers the lifeless body of a young man who eventually reveals himself as the Master of Light. Sensing that his brother has sent one of his emissaries into the boat, the god awakens Tetsuya as Agito II before his departure, just as El of Water arrives. El Tetsuya attacks his clash power sensor, but once the final blow is about to be struck, Tetsuya turns into Agito for the first time. The ensuing battle ended with Tetsuya being thrown into the sea, and the authorities described him as "lost at sea". But, Tetsuya survived and washed ashore but is left with amnesia. He will be found by three schoolgirls and brought to the hospital to be looked after by Dr. Higashi Koneda, and he used the name on the letter in his possession, taking the pseudonym Shoichi Tsugami, who died at the time.

Now Shoichi, Tetsuya will be placed under Dr. Kunieda for some time until he is transferred to Misugi. There he would live a fairly calm and normal life, without any worries about whether or not he would remember his past. That was until he was awakened by the presence of Lord Jaguar Panthras Lettus in the name of Agito. However, Shoichi was in a brutal mental state at the time, attacking G3 only to regain himself before he could deliver a knockout. The accident left Shoichi fearful of changes, but the fact that he had a place to belong gave him the courage to use his newly discovered power to protect everyone who became friends with him, with the only Mana in Misugi's house knowing about Shoichi's transformation. Coincidentally, Shoichi meets Tomoko Miura, a surviving Akatsuki member who later calls him to meet her the next day in East Park for the answers he's looking for. However, due to Tomoko's murder, Shoichi never met her, leading to his arrest for her murder until he was finally acquitted when he directed Mana Hikawa to the actual culprit, the Overlord.

On Mana’s birthday, Shoichi tried to protect her from Scorpion Lord Lyros Akutia, only to be poisoned as a result. Fortunately, he was cured in time and the unknown was finally killed. Later, by chance, Shoichi temporarily regains his memory after falling into the tank during his battle with the Gills, recovering many of his memories and confronting Tetsuya. The recovered memories were enough for Shoichi to reach his triad model, but eventually the amnesia returned before he could make any progress. After countless fights, Shoichi once again confronts El of the Water, who has been chasing him at every turn. The anxiety and fear of confronting his "killer" eventually shattered his fighting spirit. But with the help of Mana, Shoichi re-ignited his courage, assuming fierce control and defeating El.

Dealing with his ever-evolving powers was difficult at first. When his old caretaker, Dr. Koneda came to visit Shoichi, he turned into a model Agito Burning, lost his temper in a fit of rage, and inadvertently attacked Dr. Koneda. The shame of the accident weighed on Shoichi's soul as he fell into self-loathing, upset by his actions. But thanks to Dr Kuneda's tough love, he was able to cast his shame aside and rise to embrace his existence as an agitu. Dr. Koneda's words were a reminder to stay true to himself and the value of his life, giving him a clarity of mind and a heart to achieve the shining form and defeat the Lord of the Beetle. This new conviction and appearance will prove essential when El of the Water returns with more power than before. His presence enabled Shoichi to regain his memory, and in their final showdown, he finally destroyed his opponent once and for all. After recovering his memory and telling his past and real name to his foster family, Shoichi decides to stay with them and continue living like Shoichi.

Things went smoothly until Mana tried to ask Shoichi about her deceased father because Shoichi was the last person her father had met before his death. This chain of events finally reveals a shocking truth, which is that it was Shoichi's sister who killed Mana's father, Nobuyuki Kazaya; Albeit by chance, because she could not control Ajito's strength. This caused Shoichi to begin to doubt the power of Agito within him and make him believe that he must be forever amnesia. Things get even worse when his mana finally begins to hate him, and this finally causes Shoichi to not want Agito's strength and willingly abandon her to Overlord.

Despite this, Shoichi could not allow the Lords to continue the killing operations as Ericius Liquor began targeting mana. Then Shoichi was accidentally hit by the Lord's feather, but Kino manages to save it before the wound kills him. Shoichi and the gang arrive on the scene to confront the Overlord, who has chosen to kill them all. Mana, who learned the truth from Ryo, encouraged Shoichi to fight again as Ajito, as he runs to the overlord and is able to punch him with Hikawa's help. Shoichi, along with Ryo and Kino, finally regained their strength. Together, they defeated the hedgehog master.

At one point, he meets an old culinary teacher, Kuramoto, who offers him a job to work at his restaurant. As the supernatural murders decrease, Shoichi takes over the task under the supervision of his mentor. While working there, he meets Kanna, a lonely young woman who dreams of succeeding as a chef in her father's honor. But the two are starting to show signs of becoming Ajito herself. Unable to absorb change, she tries to commit suicide, like Shoichi's sister. History begins to repeat itself, with Shoichi clinging to Kana for dear life. But while he is about to surrender, Tetsuya Sawaki, the real Shoichi Tsugami, and former Yukina lover comes again to his aid and helps Shoichi pull Kana to safety; Meanwhile, at the same time, he saves himself because he did not save Yukina from the same fate for a long time. Then, the group quickly confronts El of Earth, then Shoichi turns in front of Kana and begs that he will fight for himself, for humanity, and for Agito.

He continues to fight El, defeating Lord Agito in Earth and Burn, but is able to hit El in brilliant form. Agito El then follows the fugitive and discovers the Overlord, who is trying to kill all humans. Then, overwhelmed by the combined efforts of El of Earth and El of Wind boosters, by the time Hikawa and Ryo appear to be helping, Shoichi assumes the Agito Shining model for the last time and steps into the final battle to restore humanity's fate from Overlord. After defeating El of Earth with ease with the Shining Rider Kick, Agito continues attacking Overlord, causing a massive explosion with the fate of both unknown. However, Shoichi has been proven to be alive. At the end of the series, Shoichi opens his own restaurant called Agito.

Kamen Rider Zi-O

16 years later In 2019, Shoichi was improving his cooking skills in a restaurant in France. When he received an emergency message, he returned to Japan when he learned that another Agito had appeared. Due to Agito's other strength, Shoichi was tied to their whereabouts and saved Tsukuyomi. However, he was late in realizing that another Agito creation was a plan by Schwartz to seize his power in Agito.

Next, Uhr steals Shoichi's power, and another Agito evolves into model Agito Ground After discussing his past with Sougo and his teammates, Shoichi comes to find Tsukuyomi. He takes the girl to his restaurant Agito and teaches her not to fear the past. Shoichi then donned the G3 suit again to help Sougo and his teammates fight another horde of Agito. After Sougo succeeds in regaining Agito's power, Shoichi turns to model Agito Trinity to finish another Agito with Zi-O Trinity. Shoichi refuses Agito Ridewatch, which Sugo has returned to him, and entrusts Agito's power to the Willing King. After that, he returned to France.


Shouichi Tsugami

Kamen Rider Agito


  • Shouichi translates to "first-year elementary student" while Tsugami translates to "Harbor God" the latter is possibly a reference to when Shoichi was found washed out on the beach.
  • Shouichi is the First Heisei Kamen Rider who doesn't have ranged forms or arsenal. His predecessor and successor both have a ranged form/weapons (Kuuga Pegasus Form's Pegasus Bowgun & Ryuki's Strike Vent: Drag Claw)
  • Shouichi is the only original Heisei Kamen Rider who appeared in his human state in the Kamen Rider Decade: All Rider vs Dai-Shocker movie. Alongside Kotaro Minami aka Black RX as the representative of original Riders from the Showa era
  • Shouichi is the first Kamen Rider to have gold as the main color in base form and yellow colored compounded eyes (Burning and Shining form).
  • Shouichi is the first Heisei Kamen Rider who can't transform into his final rider form (Shining Form) on his own, he needs sunlight to power up from Burning Form.
  • Although Shouichi is a perfect Agito, he doesn't display any psychokinetic/telekinetic abilities like his late sister or any other person who has been bestowed the Seed of Agito. The only ability he displays besides transforming is the ability to feel the presence of the Lords when they are attacking or nearby.
  • While Shouichi is the titular Kamen Rider in the series, he is not the only Agito appearing in the series, as everyone who has been bestowed the Seed of Agito by the Overlord of Light has the potential to transform into Agito. In the series timeline Shouichi is the second Agito, with his late sister Yukina Sawaki being the first Agito, and followed by numerous people slowly becoming it, but most of them failed to transform into Agito, either because they commit suicide or are killed by The Lords.
  • Shouichi is the first Primary Heisei Kamen Rider to transform into the series Secondary Kamen Rider (G3-X)
  • In the Kamen Rider Agito game for PlayStation, Agito Shining Form is an independent playable Rider Form, while Burning Form must be accessed by using Ground Form.
  • Chronologically, Shouichi is the first Rider that has the faster transition from Super Form to Ultimate Form. Since, he already went to Shining Form in Arutanaru Henshin, which takes place between episode 34 and 35. The second was Godai Yuusuke.


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