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Shoutmon X2 is a fusion of Shoutmon and Ballistamon.

He was voiced by Ben Disken.


As Shoutmon X2 Plus M, he had shell of Chibitortomon.


Season 1

However, upon hearing Shoutmon's reason of wanting to become the Digimon King in order to protect his village and friends, Mikey turns the tide by DigiFusing Shoutmon and Ballistamon into Shoutmon ×2. Shoutmon ×2 sends MadLeomon running after defeating his Orochi Mode form.

Upon confronting Shoutmon ×2, MadLeomon absorbs the Apemon to become MadLeomon Final Mode. MadLeomon Final Mode takes advantage of the bamboo shoots to overpower Shoutmon ×2. With Cutemon appearing to help get the Light Village residents to safety, Dorulumon aids Shoutmon ×2. Jeremy uses the Star Sword to destroy Drimogemon so the bamboo shoots can return underground. MadLeomon initiates a self-destruct sequence to take out everyone after he is defeated by Shoutmon ×2 and Dorulumon. Mikey remembers his dream during the Digimon battle.

However, inspired by Shoutmon's words, Chibitortomon aids the Fusion Fighters by DigiFusing onto Shoutmon ×2 to form Shoutmon ×2 Plus M. Shoutmon ×2 Plus M turns the table against Neptunemon. However, ChibiTortomon's action results with Archelomon's location compromised as he is captured by Neptunemon. Mikey and Shoutmon are attacked by Neptunemon's Ebidramon. Ebidramon proves to be a tough match for Shoutmon ×2. With DigiFusions proving ineffective against Ebidramon, KingWhamon reveals that there is a set of DigiCards holding the data of legendary Digimon in a shrine underneath him. ChibiTortomon retrieves a box containing the DigiCards with Mikey summoning Leviamon to disarm Ebidramon so Shoutmon ×2 can destroy him. Shoutmon ×2 carries Mikey and Jeremy Tsurgi toward Neptunemon with Jeremy using the Rare Star Sword to free Archelomon. Neptunemon then knocks them into the water and has the Seadramon freeze the ocean surface to trap them. As the fight was disrupting his fishing, Dorulumon arrives to free the Fusion Fighters and Archelomon.

The Fusion Fighters arrive in the Magma Zone and decide to take a dip in the hot springs before they are ambushed by an army of RedMeramon led by SkullMeramon and his aide BlueMeramon. Although Mikey Kudo, Angie Hinomoto, and Jeremy Tsurgi manage to beat the army, SkullMeramon proves to be too much for Shoutmon ×2 until Cutemon's appearance results in Dorulumon forcing the enemy Digimon to fall back.

Though Shoutmon ×2 manages to defeat SkullMeramon's group, he is easily defeated by AncientVolcanomon.