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Shu Kurenai is the overall deuteragonist of Beyblade Burst series franchise. He was Valt's childhood best friend, classmate and rival. His Beyblade is currently Astral Spriggan Over Quattro-0.

He serves as a deuteragonist in first season. As Red Eye, he was an major anti-villain turned protagonist on the final episode in second season of Beyblade Burst Evolution (God in Japan) and returning as a major character in third season Burst Turbo (Super Z in Japan) fifth season Burst Surge (Superking in Japan) and sixth season Burst Dynamite Battle. As a mentioned character in fourth season Burst Rise (GT in Japan).

He was voiced by Junya Enoki in Japanese version in the anime, by Adrian Petriw (in first two seasons) and Alan Lee (season 3-onward) in English version in the anime.


Shu is confirmed to be a beyblading prodigy and a hometown favorite. Likewise, he is revealed to be the Balance Type Supreme Four member, meaning that he's recognized as the strongest Balance Type user in Japan. He is also good childhood friends with Valt Aoi and Alexander Shakadera.

In Burst, Shu is revealed to be one of the top four bladers in Japan. He challenges Valt, making a promise to battle him in the finals of the National Tournament. Later, he is seen practicing when Valt's younger sister, Nika Aoi bumps into him, causing him to strain his shoulder. Despite being injured he continues to battle, worsening his condition. He looses to Lui Shirosagi in the end of the season, breaking is promise to Valt.

In Beyblade Burst Evolution, Shu does not appear much in the first portion of the series after being scouted by the American team, the Raging Bulls to become stronger. However, he later looses to the #1 blader in the world, Free De La Hoya. This, along with his biterness about his loss to Lui promps him to join the Snake Pit where Ashtem corrupts him into Red Eye. After learning about Shu's sudden disappearance, Valt Aoi, Rantaro Kiyama, Daigo Kurogami, Wakiya Murasaki and Cuza Ackermann go to Mexico in hopes of finding their friend. They instead meet Red Eye who uses Shu's bey at the time, Legend Spryzen. During Shu's battle with Lui Shirosagi, his mask breaks. Due to his failure, he casts aside Legend Spryzen, and under going the requiem project, creates Spryzen Requiem. During the International Blader's Cup, Shu destroys the Reboot tip on Valt's Geneis Valtryek, Tarver's Twin Noctemis, and Lui Shirosagi's Nightmare Luinor. After he is defeated by Valt Aoi in the finals, he returns to his old self. After his battle with Valt, during the final episode, he is approached by a young Fubuki Sumiye who asks to battle him.

In Beyblade Burst Turbo, Shu has replaced Ashtem as the owner of the Raging Bulls. He is seen throughout the first portion of the series in flashbacks as well as being hinted to be the mentor of Fubuki Sumiye. Shu is first officially seen talking to Fubuki Sumiye after his loss during the Luinor Cup. Later, Shu sets off to Dread Tower to confront Aiger Akabane about his growing dark resonance. After Aiger's Z Achilles is destroyed by Phi and his dark resonance cured, Shu helps him create Turbo Achilles. After witnessing Phi's destructive rampage, targeting those around Valt, Shu is seen training for when Phi targets him. Phi finally challenges Shu to a battle. During the battle, Phi attempts to corrupt Shu's resonance but due to having experiences as Red Eye, Shu knows how to resist it, however Shu looses and his Turbo Spryzen is destroyed. He finally appears helping to train Aiger for his upcoming battle with Phi after repairing Turbo Spryzen.

In Beyblade Burst Rise, Shu briefly appears in a vision of Aiger's.

In Beyblade Burst Surge, Shu is shown to have taken on a new pupil, Lane Valhalla. He was first introduced telling Lane to stop after he interferes on a battle between Lui Shirosagi and Hyuga Hizashi. It is revealed that Shu found Lane in a North American tournament and noticed his dark resonance that Lane calls his Flare. He trains Lane at the Raging Bulls, trying to save his flare, he fails several times at this but finally Succeeds.


Shu was a much bigger antisocial jerk in the manga, who cared only about getting stronger and didn't even consider Valt his friend. The anime portrays him as a still aloof, but caring mentor-like figure to the cast who is childhood friends with Valt.

Shu is an incredibly hard working beyblade genius. He is calm and patient and prefers to train along most of the time, shown when he turns down many of Valt's attempts to get him to join the beyclub. He maintains a cool attitude, though at times standoffish. He is also stubborn, as shown when he directly disobeys the doctor's instructions and still participates in battles even after injuring his shoulder. Di spite his cold demeanor, he cares about his friends. He is shown to be a good cook and highly independent as a result of his parents not being around. He has good observation skills, being able to analyze launches and the way other's beys work.

Physical appearance

Shu is quite tall for his age, with shaggy white hair and bright crimson eyes. He also has a scar over his right eye, inflicted by Lui Shirosagi in a previous battle, but it is usually covered by his hair, and therefore unseen until he lifts his hair when he wins a battle.

In Beyblade Burst Burst, his attire consists of a short-sleeved pink dress shirt with a black and red striped tie, a black high-collared vest with a white interior, long black pants, and shining black shoes; his vest bears a red Beyblade symbol on the left side. On his right hand, he sports a red fingerless glove with yellow accents and a square cuff.

In Beyblade Burst Evolution, his Red Eye attire consisted of a dark grey-and-red streaked mask that only showed his eyes and mouth. He wore a long white sleeveless tailcoat with a high collar and red accents, a black and red bodysuit underneath, and a matching gauntlet on his left arm. Upon donning the mask, his voice became noticeably deeper than before, though it is unknown if the mask had a voice-altering feature, or if he was disguising his voice by speaking in a deeper range.

During Beyblade Burst Beyblade Burst Evolution Episode 36, his mask broke during a battle with Lui Shirosagi, revealing his identity to everyone. Shu's hair was also noticeably longer, especially when he was Red Eye, suggesting that it grew longer during his time in the Snake Pit. He later has it cut back to its original length in the season finale.

In Beyblade Burst Turbo Turbo, Shu wears a long-sleeve pink dress shirt, a closed white vest with yellow borders, a black trench coat with crimson borders, navy pants, and white boots with red lines. He also sports his signature red glove. His hair has grown longer as well.

In Beyblade Burst Surge, Shu retains his pink dress shirt and black tie from Turbo, a white vest, black pants with a thin white stripe on each leg, a pink belt with a black stripe at the center and a gold buckle, white boots with dark-red lines, a black high-collared vest similar to his first one, and he re-dons his square-cuffed red glove. In addition, he has cut his hair short again, closer to his original hairstyle in Burst, save for the right side to conceal his scar.

Following his defeat against Lain Valhalla, Shu donned a different outfit, save for his pink dress shirt and glove. He replaced his black tie with a crimson one, a black vest with white outlines and a white "S" on the right side, the white lines on his pants are now gone, and the dark-red lines on his boots are now purple. He tops this with a black coat with 2 gold buckles on the left side, red and gold lines, white parts on each shoulder, and a white "S" on the left side.

When he was younger, he wore a white collar shirt under a red vest, black shorts, and brown strap shoes. While training, he sometimes wears a light gray shirt with a red/gray hoodie with black accents; he also wears black shorts & white shoes. While training, he wears a workout attire different from his previous one: a black T-shirt with a blue hoodie that has a Beyblade symbol on the left and and red accents paired with shorts that have red stripes He also wears black leggings underneath.


  • Shu's appearance strongly resembles Bell Cranel's appearance from DanMachi.