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NOTE: The article details Shun Kazama from the 2011 movie. A different page should be used for his manga version.

Fair girl, why do you send Your thoughts to the sky? The wind carries them aloft To mingle with the crows. Trimmed with blue, Your flags fly again today.
~ Shun's poem about Umi raising her flags. His first non-spoken lines in the film.
Destroy the old and you destroy our memory of the past. Don't you care about the people who lived and died before us? There is no future for the people who worship the future and forget the past.
~ Shun Kazama to the other Latin Quarter Members at the school debate on whether the Latin Quarter Clubhouse should be demolished.

Shun Kazama is the deuteragonist in the 2011 animated Studio Ghibli film, From Up On Poppy Hill. He is the love interest of the film's main protagonist, Umi Matsuzaki, and the best friend of Shiro Mizunuma, he is also the editor of The Latin Quarter Newspaper.

In English, he was voiced by the late Anton Yelchin who also played Pavel Chekov in Star Trek, Kyle Reese in Terminator: Salvation, Charlie Bartlett in the film of the same name and voiced Jim Lake Jr. in Trollhunters parts 1, 2, and some of part 3, and the Clumsy Smurf in the 2011 Smurfs film, its sequel, The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol, and The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow. In Japanese he was voiced by Junichi Okada (岡田 准一) who voiced Prince Arren in Tales From Earthsea, another Goro Miyazaki flim.


Early life

He was born to a Hiroshi Tachibana who was a sailor. And his mother died giving birth to him.

After his father and other relatives were killed. Yuichi Sawamura signed him up as his child. But he and his wife had no time to raise him. So he gave Shun to the Kazama couple. Hence his surname.

Teen years

He would later enroll at Konan Academy High School, and become the editor of The Latin Quarter newspaper, and Shiro Mizunuma's best friend.

After The Latin Quarter is announced for demolition to make way for a new building for the Tokyo Olympics of 1964, he and Shiro Mizunuma host an anti-demolition campaign to protect the clubhouse.

He sees Umi Matsuzaki's flags often on his adopted father's tug often, while going to work, and raises flags so that she might see. He even writes a poem about her flags.

At the time of the movie he is 17, a year older than Umi Matsuzaki.

Meeting Umi Matsuzaki

He is first seen in the opening on his father's tug. Later he is seen reaching the harbor,getting his bicycle from his dad, then passing him the rope that anchors his tug.

As advertisement for the anti-demolition campaign Mizunuma has anti-demolition papers hung from windows. While Shun jumps into a body of water. He is caught on photo by many picture takers. Umi Matsuzaki, shocked to see Shun jump into the pool. Rushes to give him a hand. After she does she is taken by surprise as many photographers take pictures with her holding Shun's hand. Feeling embarrassed Umi let's go and let's Shun fall back into the water. This event causes the Matsuzaki family to have a conversation about him. As well as this, some girls start a fan club. A short time after this a cat scratches his hand, and he bandages it up.

The beginning of his relationship with Umi

When Does Matsuzaki asks Umi to come with her to The Latin Quarter to sign a picture she bought for 30 yen. Umi reluctantly agrees and comes with Sora to meet Shun and Mizunuma in the newspaper room. In the editing room he signs Sora's photograph of him. And asks Umi to help him write the newspaper, which she does.

Meeting Umi and going to the market place with her


Visiting Coquelicot Manor


Meeting the chairman of the board

After The Latin Quarter is fixed up the anti-demolition campaign is brought into motion, with the fact that The Latin Quarter's touch-ups that the students made would be wasted he, Mizunuma, and Umi agree to go to the school board chairman the next day. To convince him that the clubhouse could stay.

The next day he meets Mizunuma and Umi at a train station. And the 3 go to Tokyo. They went to the lobby and made an appointment to appeal directly to the chairman. After waiting for awhile outside his office, he invited them in. The chairman agreed to go and visit the clubhouse the next day.

The next day the chairman came and inspected The Latin Quarter. After he declared it would stay,

Learning of his father with Yoshio Onodera

Shun gets a call from Akio Kazama that the third man in the photo{Yoshio Onodera) was at the harbor and about to set sail. To learn more about his parents he and Umi rush to the harbor and get on his adopted father's tug and race to the third man's ship. Yoshio states that he was good friends with Hiroshi Tachibana(Shun's father), and Yuichiro Sawamura(Umi's father). And reveals to Umi and Shun that they aren't related by blood. They go back to shore and possibly continue their relationship off screen.


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