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Shyu was a Fire Sage of the Cresent Island in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Shyu's grandfather was a mentor of Avatar Roku and supported the Avatar. His father inherited this trait and criticized the Fire Lord. Shyu became an orphan raised by the Fire Sages after his father was executed for supporting the Avatar. Like his father and grandfather, Shyu was loyal to the Avatar even being aware of the punishment for doing so.

Shyu learned of the Avatar's return when he saw the statue of Avatar Roku's glowing. Unlike his fellow sages, Shyu helped the Avatar Aang to speak to Avatar Roku. He lead the Avatar through a secret passage and participated in a trick to get the Fire Sages to open the doors to Roku's statue. The trick worked and Aang managed to speak to Roku. Zhao captured Shyu and the other Fire Sages, branding them traitor of the Fire Nation even though only Shyu was the only one who helped the Avatar.


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