Sidney "Sid" is the tritagonist in Flushed Away.

He is voiced by Shane Richie. 


Sid is a sewer rat who arrives in Kensington out of the drain and he disappointed Roddy when he decides to stay.

Roddy attempted to get rid of Sid by flushing him down a toilet claiming it was a jacuzzi. However, Sid realized what was going on and retaliated by pushing Roddy into the toilet and flushing him into the sewers.

Sid is seen again when Roddy returns to his home with Rita Malone and he tried to pass Sid off as his brother Rupert before it is revealed that Sid and Rita know each other.

Later when Roddy realizes The Toad's plan is to drown the rats during halftime during the World Cup (as that would be the time the viewers and players would use their toilets), he has Sid flush him down the toilet again to get back into the sewers as everyone was in terrible danger, but not before letting Sid take his place at the house.

Sid is last seen at the house when Roddy's former owner arrives home from her holidays with a cat causing Sid to be scared.  


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