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Sid Barett is a character in Soul Eater and a teacher in DWMA and a high-ranking member of the DWMA Central Intelligence Agency. Though killed in action by Shaula Gorgon, he is later resurrected as a zombie by Franken Stein.


Prior to his death, Sid was known to be a friendly and well-respected teacher, having earned admiration and respect from not only the students he taught, whether they were in the EAT or NOT class, but even the likes of the staff such as Death and his weapon partner, Mira Naigus. While Sid was somewhat strict in his teachings (chopping Maka Albarn for wasting an underclassmen's time, not assisting the students when Hero obtained Excalibur) as matter of fact, he deeply cared for all his students. He was also merciful and loved children even at a young age of 13, having been the one to not only spare Black☆Star's life but accept him as his own son. He also was an individual never hesitated in helping a student and inspire them to unleash their latent potential. He also described himself as a stubborn individual, and that is the "Kind of man he is", a phrase in which would later be reworded to fit his status as a zombie.

Even when he resurfaced as a Zombie, he still retained all his previous traits. While he initially portrayed himself to want to kill his students for them to be relieved of the fear of death, this ended up being a ruse in which the remedial lesson was to strengthen them, a part he played in willingly to help his students grow stronger. In addition, Sid carries himself as a professional and follows orders to the letter, a case he would use to spare Mifune since his mission wasn't to end the samurai's life and admitted to Joe Buttataki. and that he found value in Mifune as a character. Sid is also known for describing and critiquing himself, often saying "That's the kind of man I was".

Though Sid has many respectable qualities, however, he is a low-key pervert. When threaten for information on who turned him into a zombie, he confessed once Black☆Star lifted up Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's skirt. When Soul tried to use Maka's sex appeal to get the location of the man who turned him into a zombie, he admitted it wasn't attractive. However, this part of his personality is only present in the manga and excluded in the anime.

Immense Power and Skill

Sid Barrett is an incredibly skilled and powerful three-star Meister and DWMA's strongest assassin, known to be capable of performing and adapting well even in the most cruel of situations. His power and skill was great enough that after his resurrection, he was capable of fighting and overwhelming Maka and Black Star using their weapons for an extended period of time, forcing Black Star to use his special skills to overpower him. He could also effectively compete with Mifune, a holder of the Strong Soul, to a stalemate, whereas Black Star was utterly overwhelmed by him.


  • Genius Mystery Tactics and Techniques: An incredibly adept three-star meister, Sid's specialty is his ability to wield any weapon. Capable of stomaching the most cruel of his duties, he is versatile in coming up with techniques in every situation. Because of this, he is also skilled in using unsual weapons such as his own tombstone. In battle, he was effective in using his tombstone to nearly overpower Maka Albarn and Black☆Star in battle using their respective weapons (Soul Eater and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa). He has also been stated to have mastered all forms of weaponry and has even proven capable of wielding two weapons at once, displaying excellent control over his Soul Wavelength.
    • Knife Meister: Sid is primarily a knife meister and possesses great skill and ability in the usage of a survival knife as a weapon. Displaying the ability to effortlessly execute stabs at high speeds, he was able to easily defeat an Arachnophobia goon and could fight on par with Mifune using the knife. He has also proven to be extremely skilled in throwing the knife as he was able to easily kill the Fisher King in one hit.
      • Forced Burial: Through the amplification of their respective soul wavelengths, Mira's weapon form is able to alter its shape to a gravestone. After the blade of her knife is engulfed in an intense white light, Sid then slams the base of tombstone into the ground, a quantity of tombs appear beneath multiple individuals in the immediate vicinity of Sid simultaneously. They can be used to transport multiple people downwards or be used to trap individuals inside the tomb and then set it to explode
    • Gun-Type Meister: Sid has proven to be an exceptional gun-type meister when partnered up with Azusa Yumi in her weapon form, displaying both great accuracy and immense power. His wavelength was powerful enough to decimate most of Mosquito's torso with one shot in his initial form and he could also effectively fight with Mifune, able to not only fire accurate shots that Mifune deflected but also counter his attacks with the gun as a blunt weapon.
    • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Sid is a highly skilled and trained fighter and possesses great skill in martial arts as well as being familiar overall with different types, having been Black☆Star's teacher. His hand-to-hand prowess could easily dispatch Arachnophobia soldiers as well as damage one of Noah (Greed)'s familiars.
    • Soul Perception: Sid was quite competent with Soul Perception, being able to sense Asura on the Moon and tell that Black Star's soul is becoming like his father's.
    • Art of Assassination: Sid is a extremely skilled individual employing the Art of Assassination, stated to have taught the notoriously skilled Black Star the technique, being part of his occupation at the DWMA. Far more serious than his student, Sid possess renown skills in stealth, managing to infiltrate the Arachnophobia facility without detection from Mosquito and Mifune as well as in the anime even spy on Death the Kid from a distance without the young Reaper's bituce and later reporting the Death on his son's distrust despite the former possessing acute skill in Soul Perception. Sid also manage to sneak around the entire Clown Army during their battle on the Moon.
    • High Physical Abilities: As a trained ninja and assassin, Sid possess great athletic shape per being a top-notched, three-star Meister. Sid was fast enough momentarily jump and catch up to Black☆Star in the air moments after hitting up upwards into the air. Sid also possess an astounding amount of strength. While alive in the anime, Sid was able to lift a lamp post from the street while chasing Shaula Gorgon. As a zombie, he was able to easily use his own tombstone as a weapon, overpowering both Black☆Star and Maka Albarn on their remedial lesson.
  • Zombie Physiology: Turned into a Zombie by Franken Stein, Sid seems to possess some special abilities as a result although he retains his physical prowess he possessed before his death. One of these abilities is to burrow holes at quick speeds. This is especially useful in evasion and the speed in which is done is quick enough to disappear from Mifune's sight moments after hitting him with the Gunbow weapon during his fight with the Sword God. This could be done by either dirt or even snow.
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