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Side Swipe is a major character in Transformers Armada. A member of Cybertron Division 10, he is a young, instinctive Autobot, that gets easily attached to commanders. He was voiced by Sam Vincent, who would go onto voice Coby Hansen in sequel series Cybertron


On Cybertron, Side Swipe had once been saved from a rope trap by Blurr, and in Past, transferred himself to Earth out of admiration. Blurr put him with Hot Shot, and the two headed off to do some training. However, Wheeljack, Hot Shot's former protege, arrived soon after, intent on revenge, and Side Swipe tried and failed to defend his new friend. In Past II, he later tried again, only to be captured and chained up in an abandoned oil refinery. The battle between Hot Shot and Wheeljack set the place ablaze, and the terrified Side Swipe blubbered a lot,was rescued by Hot Shot.  Back at the base, Side Swipe tried to give his commander a hug for saving his life. From then on, he called Hot Shot "Bro". 

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  • Side Swipe is named after the original character from Generation One albeit with slightly different spelling.


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