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Hero Overview


Sideswipe is a young, rebellious Autobot, and a major protagonist of Robots in Disguise (2015). As well as this, he apperaed as a guest character in Rescue Bots.


Robots in Disguise

In the new animated cartoon series he was at first a young rebellious young robot but after ending up on earth with bumblebee and strongarm he joined bumblebees team to hunt down the Decepticons that escape their pods including the deadly Steeljaw.

Rescue Bots

In the Rescue Bots series he was in Griffin Rock to arrest a criminal Mini-Con Bounce. Burns family and Rescue Bots and the Burns Family helped him out there.


  • Sideswipe is not the only Autobot to have that name in the Aligned continuity: the other Sideswipe, based on his G1 incarnation, was a major acharacter in the Cybertron games, and served in the Great War alongside Optimus and Bumblebee. Given this Sideswipe's relative youth, it's likely that, like Grimlock, he is part of the new generation of Cybertronians created at the end of Predacons Rising, that shares the name.


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