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Sidetable Drawer (or Sidetable for short) is a red table with an orange drawer and tabletop who lives in the living room to the left of the Thinking Chair. She is a major character in the Blue's Clues series.


Sidetable's singing pitch is around second soprano and she likes to perform on stage as revealed in Blue's Big Musical Movie. She can be shy at times, but will always try to help her friends. Sidetable keeps the Handy Dandy Notebook in her drawer. She is very talented when it comes singing, as shown in Blue's Big Musical Movie.


Sidetable is red with an orange drawer. Her knob is black and she has a bright red mouth. Her eyes are black and her tabletop is tan. She has black edging around her table and drawer.


Sidetable has appeared in every episode except for Blue's Big Car Trip. Her first appearance was in Blue Prints. Her last appearance was in Behind the Clues: 10 Years With Blue.


  • In Season 1 episodes 1 - 17, all she said was "Blue's Clues, I'm so excited!" and in season 1 episodes 18 - 20 "Blue's Clues, I'm so excited" was replaced by "I just love Blue's Clues". "Blue's Clues, I'm so excited!" was also used in season 2 episodes 2, 19 and 20, and in season 3 episodes 7 and 26. The "I just love Blue's Clues" line was also used in season 2 episode 3 and season 3 episode 13. Starting from Season 2, Sidetable would interact only with whoever would come to get their notebook.
  • The voice of Sidetable remains the same for the entire series.
  • She is the answer to Blue's Clues in Blue's Big Musical Movie.
  • In Math, before Steve goes to get his notebook, Sidetable's face appears onscreen.