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Cody is SO into me!
~ Sierra's feelings for Cody.

Sierra , labelled The Obsessive Uber-Fan, is a recurring character in the Total Drama series. She appears as the tritagonist of Total Drama World Tour, and a supporting character in Total Drama All-Stars.

She is the obsessive Total Drama fan, especially Cody. She is in love with Cody but keeps stalking him, much to his chagrin. She returned as a secondary character in Total Drama All-Stars. She returned without Cody, much to her sadness. Sierra also appears in the audience in the animated/live-action game show Skatoony in each episode. Until Dakota's mutation in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and the appearance of Jasmine in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Sierra was the tallest female contestant to appear on the show due to her Amazonian height (only DJ and Chef Hatchet from the first-generation cast, post-mutation Dakota from the second-generation cast, and Jasmine from the third-generation cast are taller than she is).

She was voiced by Annick Obonsawin.


Sierra most prevalent character trait is her obsession with Total Drama. Before appearing on Total Drama, she was widely regarded as Total Drama's number 1 fan, even stalking the contestants to find information to put on her blog. She doesn't let this up even on the show, constantly creeping out contestants with her weird questions. However, this makes her very hard to be manipulated by the original cast, since she knows their strategies. The only one she was able to get manipulated by was Alejandro, since no body other than Heather and Noah knew his true colors and she did not stalk him before the show. She also gets tech withdrawal from not being around her devices, such as pretending to type in a pizza box in Total Drama: World Tour or thinking that Cameron was Cody in Total Drama: All Stars.

Speaking of Cody, her other main character trait is her over-the-top obsession with Cody. She has a massive crush on Cody, and will do almost anything for him, despite Cody not returning her feelings or thinking of her as any more than a friend. She will not let anyone badmouth or hurt Cody, even beating up a shark on one occasion. However, this can backfire for her, since others can use her love for Cody as a weapon against her. This is best shown when Alejandro manipulates her into thinking Heather and Cody were together and when she was voted off due to thinking Cameron was Cody and thus being obsessed with him.

When she isn't acting like a crazy stalker, she is very loyal and believes that cheaters are awful people, even helping Courtney get her revenge in Total Drama: World Tour. She is also surprisingly intelligent, since she is shown to use some unique strategies to complete challenges. Some good examples of her intelligence include her snubbing Cody to get him to pay attention to her and her coming up with the idea of lopping of the top of Gwen's head's raft to ride in it like a boat.


Total Drama: Action

Sierra appears as the main protagonist of episode 27 of Total Drama Action, "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special". She first shows up a source of some of the drama, but is revealed by Izzy. She then goes to the red carpet to interview some of the contestants. When the contestants don't win the Gemmy Awards and are told that they are no longer famous, Sierra rallies them up to go to the new set of Total Drama Dirtbags and force Chris to have them on his next reality show. When Chris announces Total Drama World Tour, she is one of the two new contestants, along with Alejandro.

Total Drama World Tour

Sierra is first seen arriving to the plane with the other contestants. She gets excited over meeting them, especially Cody, who she takes particular interest in. She is next seen on the plane, telling Cody that she knows everything about him and creeping Cody out. When Chris announces the musical numbers, she sings along with the rest of the contestants.

When the contestants arrive in Egypt, Heather attempts to befriend Sierra. Sierra believes her, and after saving Cody inside the pyramid, she is put on team 2 while Heather and Cody are put on team 1. When her team can't decide on a name, she suggests calling the team "Team Chris is really, really, really, really hot". Chris immediately forces them to use this as their name, and the team is awarded a goat for coming in second. When Alejandro tries to rally the team, she is the only one not convinced by him, due to him not being a past contestant. However, that changes when he manages to perfectly balance the team on the goat, and she starts to trust him. When they reach the Nile, Sierra gets jealous that the other team has Cody, so she trades with Izzy to join Team Amazon. Using her basket weaving skills, Team Amazon wins the challenge.

In the next episode, the teams head to Japan for the next challenge. When Cody decides to do the pinball challenge in order to win for his team, Chris mentions that instead of a panda, he will be in the pinball with Sierra, who is overjoyed to be with Cody. When the challenge ends, Cody comes out of the pinball covered in kisses and says that if they got a point for each kiss Sierra gave him, they would have won. In the second part of the challenge, most of the team quits after an argument, leaving Sierra and Cody to make the add. This leads to team Amazon winning the challenge due to Sierra and Cody making the add that Chef liked the best.

The next episode starts off with Sierra giving a massage to Cody's feet. When Cody says he hates when people touch his feet, Sierra temporarily paralyses him. During the next challenge, Cody nearly drowns in the cold water before Sierra saves him. Sierra says that if one of them has to drown, she would rather it be her, to which Cody agrees. They are reunited with the rest of Team Amazon and place second due to Team Victory not having Bridgette.

The next episode begins with Alejandro realizing that Heather is using Sierra to get on Chris's good side. Alejandro manages to convince Sierra to remind Chris of his past doings. Sierra starts bringing up Chris's embarrassing past, which causes Chris to snap a Sierra, telling her not to say another word about his past. Despite Sierra no longer being appreciated by Chris, she still manages to win the challenge for Team Amazon. As a reward, they get some candy, a bunch of apples and a meat grinder which Heather throws out of the plane.

In the next episode, the teams have to stuff meat into a container to ride down a hill. Sierra indirectly sabotages her own team by using the meat to build a statue of Cody, then accidentally knocking it down the hill. Team Amazon loses the first part of the challenge, and Cody tries to avoid the punishment, wearing what he considers to be a German bikini, by telling Sierra that she would look good in it. However, this does not work due to Chris forcing him to wear it after he realizes that Sierra would enjoy it. During the second part of the challenge, the contestants have to knock each other off of a platform while dancing. After Alejandro knocks out Cody, Sierra retaliates by completely destroying DJ. During the next (and final) round, Alejandro allows Sierra to knock him off to divert suspicion of his interference, giving Team Amazon the win.

In the next episode, Chris announces that the next challenge will take place in the Amazons, with Gwen saying that this might be good luck. The other members of team Amazon snap at her, due to the fact that anytime a team feels lucky, they usually lose. Later, during the challenge, team Amazon gets captured by what they think are the Zing-Zings, an ancient tribe that has never come into contact with advanced technology. Gwen reaches into Cody's pants to get batteries, but stabs herself with Cody's epipen, making Sierra comment that after Total Drama, she was going to get surgery so she could reach into Cody's pants. After some more mishaps, team Amazon loses the challenge due to Gwen's bad directions. However, Sierra joins Courtney and Gwen in voting for Heather because she constantly annoys them. Chris decides to show Team Amazon who everyone voted for, and he reveals that Cody voted for Sierra. Chris reveals that it was not an elimination round, and the episode ends with Sierra heartbroken.

The next episode begins with Sierra crying over the fact that Cody voted for her. Even during the challenge, when Cody tries to convince Sierra to help them, she ignores her. Chris tries to make her participate, to which Sierra sings "Paris in the Springtime", where she expresses the fact that you can't trust a boy, or else they will break your heart. At the end of the episode, Cody tells her that he still cares for her as a friend and misses the old Sierra. This gets Sierra to snap out of her behavior and return to her normal self. She later reveals in a confessional that she was faking her depression in order to get Cody's attention.


  • Cody: Sierra has a very interesting relationship with Cody. Before Total Drama, she had a massive crush on Cody, stalking him even more than the other contestants. She is very defensive of him, always helping him during challenges and saving him numerous times, and her main goal in the game it to become his girlfriend. She is very obsessed with Cody and everything that belongs to him, constantly going through his stuff and even brushing her teeth with his toothbrush just because it belongs to Cody. A very notable example of her obsession is in Niagara falls, where she tries to marry him without his consent. Despite being told by Cody that the wedding was just a challenge, she still believes that they are a couple, even calling Cody her husband during the next couple of challenges. However, Cody does not reciprocate the feelings, only thinking of the stalker as a close friend, not someone who he wishes to get into a relationship with. This ends up leading to a lot of conflict, with Cody trying to boot Sierra numerous times due to her constantly creeping him out her antics. Despite her constant creepiness, Cody still genuinely considers Sierra as a friend, even though it is unclear if she accepted the fact that they will only remain friends or if she still believes that she is Cody's girlfriend.
  • Cameron: At first, it seemed that Cameron and Sierra were just ordinary friends. However, after Sierra's phone broke and she started to go into a depression, she began to confuse Cameron with Cody due to their somewhat similar sizes and personalities, even occasionally calling Cameron either Cody or Cam-Cody. Sierra became very protective of Cameron, a lot like with Cody, but she also refused to let anyone near him, since she wanted Cameron to be with her to remind her of Cody. In the end, Cameron convinces the villains to vote her off to help him not go crazy, causing her to quickly abandon her obsession with Cameron and head back to crushing on Cody.
  • Gwen: At the beginning, it was clear that Sierra held some animosity to Gwen due to Cody's long-standing crush on her. She does manage to get along with Gwen later when Cody admits that he enjoys Sierra's company. However, once she kisses Duncan, this changes since she caused Duncan to cheat on Courtney. Sierra doesn't hate that they got together, instead only hating the fact that she kissed Courtney's boyfriend. For the rest of the time Gwen was on World Tour, Sierra made it her personal mission to help Courtney eliminate Gwen. By the time All Stars rolls around, though, she no longer hates on Gwen constantly. She does make a couple of comments about her relationship with Duncan, but other than that, they don't interact much in All Stars due to them being on separate teams. Overall, the two do not have a very positive relationship.
  • Heather: Heather started off the season by being nice to Sierra in order to gain her trust. Sierra acts as her friend, but says that she knows she knows Heather is trying to manipulate her, but doesn't care since that gives her the ability to manipulate Heather. They both don't really like each other and only end up teaming up since Gwen and Courtney are very close. This changes in the last couple of episodes, where Sierra is vulnerable due to Cody and Alejandro being together. The two of them bond over being powerful women, and end up planning to get rid of Alejandro. Their friendship ends in the finale, where Heather distracts Cody by telling her that Sierra is being attacked by a shark. After this, Sierra ends up hating Heather like most of the cast.
  • Courtney: Courtney and Sierra didn't have that many interactions in the beginning since Courtney was dealing with Heather and Gwen while Sierra was stalking Cody. After Duncan cheated on her, this changed, with Sierra being Courtney's biggest supporter in getting revenge. After they booted Gwen, Sierra began to dislike her due to her mocking Cody and obsessing over getting revenge on Duncan. They end up hating each other by the end of the series.
  • Alejandro: Alejandro is the only competitor that Sierra does not know particularly well, due to him only joining that season. This leads to Alejandro being the only person who is able to manipulate Sierra. After failing to get close to Cody, he attempts to convince Sierra that he is "cheating" on her with Heather. After Sierra and Cody find out that Alejandro tricked them, Sierra begins to hate Alejandro even more than Gwen or Heather. This only multiplies after he throws Cody into the shark infested waters in the finale.
  • Chris McLean: At first, Sierra was Chris's biggest fan, always mentioning the great things he has accomplished and complementing him for all of his challenge ideas. However, when she started bringing up his not-so-great moments, he starts to dislike her, even threatening to eliminate her if she continues. He eventually recovers from this, and they end up on good terms until the final couple episodes. After Sierra blows up Chris's plane, he unfairly eliminates her even though she has immunity. Soon after, when he gets a helicopter out of there and gives the final three instructions on how to get to Hawaii, he tells her he does not care what happens to her and that she should figure out what to do herself. This leads to Sierra abandoning her love for Chris and beginning to hate him.



  • Alejandro
  • Blaineley
  • Chris McLean
  • Courtney
  • Duncan
  • Ezekiel
  • Gwen (one-sided, on her side)
  • Heather

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