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There's always another way than this. There's always a way out. Your petty fascism is the mark of incompetence, of hysteria and cynicism and the pain of failing wrapped in a madness that looks, if you're the right kind of fool, like a rational truth. But people can't live like that. If you'd given them hope, if you'd given them a future, if you'd made them people, then there's nothing they wouldn't withstand. Make them rise with one heart and voice under a banner of truth. The Shah is small. The Shah is made of our weaknesses. You're wrong, Simon, and you always will be.
~ Dr. Simon Kells on his suicide note.

Dr. Simon Kells was a member of the SCP Foundation, helping the organization to contain various anomalies. He first appeared in SCP-3799 as a minor character before having a more prominent role in SCP-4989 in which he sacrifices himself for seemingly the greater good.


Not much is known about the origin and past of Simon Kells or even when and how he joined the SCP Foundation, and under their employment he became a specialist in cognitohazardous anomalies. He was included in Project Midwinter and oversaw Site-799 in which it was taking place. The project resulted in the creation of SCP-3799, a snowstorm that was supposed to be released and assimilate every anomaly it encountered in order to make Earth a better place. However, SCP-3799 became sapient and used its cognitohazardous power to make people who looked at it see it as something beneficial and beautiful, and overtime began growing through consumption of human bodies, forcing all remaining unaffected personnel to evacuate the site, while SCP-3799 grew and began changing the timeline. It is unknown what happened to Kells as it is never told if he was among personnel who were affected by SCP-3799 or escaped with those unaffected, but either way following the defeat of the snowstorm he and alongside the rest of the world returned to normal as it was before SCP-3799 changed reality. However, following the discovery of what had happened Kells career became heavily damaged and he needed decades to recover from it and vowed to never let something like that happen ever again.

When the Foundation became aware of SCP-4989, anomalous events in which fully suited people with the SCP insignia, designated SCP-4989-A, appeared in different periods of time and abducted various people, mostly armed Foundation personnel followed by operatives of the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, Kells, who had been currently working in the construction of Site 89 in Siberia, was put in charge of investigating this anomaly after his predecessor, Dr. Mary Mackenzie was forced to temporarily retire. On July 9th of 2018, a mortally injured instance of SCP-4989-A appeared at Kells’ office and died shortly after appearing. The dead instance was identified as a female who grew up in West Africa during the 13th century, and held some mysterious artifact and some documents explaining that the SCP-4989-A instances came from Site 89 in the year 2084-2085 in which the whole world was engulfed in a destructive war which also involved SCP-3838-8 and SCP-3150. Seeing that Site 89 would be responsible for the SCP-4989 events Kells decided to cancel the construction of Site 89 in order to prevent any more SCP-4989 events.

On 23th December of 2018, Kells was visited by SCP-4989-A1 which at first startled Kells but immediately knew what was going on and confronted the uninvited guest. After telling SCP-4989-A1 that Site 89 would not be finished SCP-4989-A1 revealed himself to be the Simon Kells from that future who after finishing his job as project lead became the new O5-4 of the O5 Council and eventually the new Administrator as he prolonged his life. He further explained to his shocked past self on how the Scarlet King and his army waged war in his time period and he and his men were forced to abduct people from the past and brainwash them in order to use them as dispensable soldiers. The present Kells became disgusted by this and tried to argue that there could be another way but SCP-4989-A1 told him that he had already tried everything, that the only thing that could deter the Scarlet King was sacrificing countless soldiers, and told Kells that he had done this similar conversation with his own future self and with confidence tried to convince him to follow in his footsteps and resume the construction of Site 89 before demanifesting. Kells however, refused to allow his future self from doing this and he decided to instead of following his footsteps he kill himself and prevent the future Kells from ever existing and therefore prevent anymore abductions, but not before writing a letter directed to him in which he explained that there was always a better and more humane way of fighting the threat and that SCP-4989-A1 was wrong. Following his suicide, Dir. Mackenzie replaced Kells as the Project Lead of SCP-4989, although it appeared that the anomaly had become neutralized thanks to Kells' sacrifice.


The true appearance of Simon Kells is never revealed and there are no details about it.

Powers and Abilities

Kells was a normal human and possessed no abnormal powers, although he possessed some intellect and deep knowledge of cognitohazardous anomalies.


Simon Kells appeared to be a calm and confident individual and it was mentioned that during his time with the SCP Foundation Kells had lost some of his principles due to the nature of how staff worked. Despite this he still highly valued human life as shown by his regret about creating SCP-3799, and halting the construction of an entire site in order to prevent SCP-4989-A from abducting any more innocent people. Even when his future self told him about his future and that there wasn’t any other way in fighting the Scarlet King except for sending brainwashed soldiers to their inevitable doom, Kells still held strong to his appreciation for human life and refused to let this disgusting act proceed any further and committed suicide in hopes of stopping the abductions and changing the future in a manner that the threat could be defeated in a more humane way by someone who could do a much better job than him.


  • It is mentioned that Kells liked the cold of the Crozier Island.
  • Given that Simon Kells was aware of how a Pattern Screamer looked like when his future self described the Scarlet King it is possible that Kells had faced some Screamers during his time in the SCP Foundation.


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