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Simon is the red Wiggle who replaced Murray in 2013.


He is usually the lead singer sometimes plays instruments such as a bass guitar while Emma or Lachy do lead singing. The reason for not playing guitar the most out of the others was stated in a online article in which he said he couldn't be the new king of guitars, and that nickname belonged to former Red Wiggle Murray. Although, Anthony can be considered as the new king of guitars. He also said that he doesn't play guitars that much, he just plays a powerful cowbell or a tambourine. Simon is also currently the tallest of the group. Simon loves to sing opera as well. He was actually a gremlin from Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins!.

He loves to play Simon Says, especially when the game is formed into a song.


  • Simon sings opera much like Sam Moran and Paul Paddick.
  • Simon threw tantrums many times
  • He has an off-screen relationship with Lauren Hannaford. 
  • He was a understudy of Murray before he was offically a Wiggle.
  • He is barefooted in Simon's Cold Water Blues and Henry Likes Water.
  • He played Baby Bird in "Wiggleboon"
  • He is afraid of cold water.
  • He will get married to Lauren next year or two.
  • He is 14 years older than Lauren.
  • He is the only Wiggle who usually doesn't play a guitar very well.