Barry (left) and Simon (right)

Simon and Barry are the two sons of Wolf and his ex-wife and are main characters in the 2001-2002 British-Canadian series Don't Eat the Neighbours.

Simon is voiced by Patrick McKinnon whilst Barry is voiced by Sean Cullen.

They used to live in Canada with their father Wolf (who raised them single handed since their mother left), until they were banished by The Brotherhood of Wolves. The family move to a forest in England where they become neighbors with Rabbit and his three children Lucy, Emily and Peter.

Despite their father and his friend Fox's attempts to catch and eat Rabbit, Simon and Barry befriend Lucy, with Barry developing a crush on her.


Both Simon and Barry inherit their father's blue fur.

Simon's attire consists of an orange jacket with a red woolly hat with the Canadian flag on it.

Barry's attire is a red and white t-shirt with the number 52 on it.


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