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Sir Arthur (only called Arthur in America) is a Star Warrior and the leader of Galaxy Soldier Army. He only appears in the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He has dark green skin, purple-blue eyes, a green mask and his armor is golden and star-shaped. He wields a gold and silver sword with a red gem on the hilt. Clearly, he is a high-ranking star warrior.


In terms of his body, Sir Arthur is shaped like Meta Knight, having a spherical body, stubby feet, gloved hands, and a gray cape. Sir Arthur has dark green skin, lavender pupils, and a beige mask. His armor, which extends over his feet and either shoulder, is orange; additionally, on the helm, either shoulder, and either foot, there is an elaborate emblem somewhat resembling a bird. In his right hand, Sir Arthur wields a gold and silver sword with a red gem embedded on the hilt.

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