NOTE: This focuses on the Wish Realm version of Sir Henry. For the original version, see Henry Mills

You're going to be the noblest knight the kingdom has ever seen.
~ Princess Emma to Henry

Sir Henry is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Sir Henry is the alternative version of Henry Mills, created by the Evil Queen's wish to Aladdin.


After the Evil Queen cast Emma's wish to have never been the Savior, an alternate reality is created, along with new citizens, who are duplicates of the Enchanted Forest. Among the people created with the wish is Henry, who was born to Emma and Baelfire. As grandchild of the King and Queen of the Enchanted Forest, Henry grew up within the castle as a royal, and at a young age, his father died.

Henry arrives late to his mother's birthday party, having been practising for his knighting ceremony, which is due to take place the next day. Upon seeing his mother clutching a sword she previously found, he assumes it is for him and takes it. The family look at a portrait of Henry's father and he expresses his regret over not being able to know him, though Emma assures him that he is watching over them.

The inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest are invited to the Royal Castle on the day of Henry's knighting ceremony, despite the threat of the Evil Queen looming over them. Before his grandparents are able to pronounce him a knight, the ceremony is interrupted by the Evil Queen. Henry watches as she vows to destroy their happiness, unless a hero is able to challenge her, and she leaves, kidnapping Queen Snow and King David along with her. Distressed over what he witnessed, he turns to his mother for advice, who assures him that she will find a way to rescue them. Following his mother to the Queen's Castle, he finds Emma crying over the death of the King and Queen. Angered by the Queen over what he's walked into, Henry, chooses to kill the Evil Queen, much to the dismay of Emma who pleads him to stop. Regina, who refuses to hurt him, stays still as Henry throws his sword at her, but before she can be killed, Emma magic is reactivated and her memories are restored, and is able immobilise Henry and his sword before Regina is hurt.

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