I will not serve a false king.
~ Sir Lionel, before he is given a fatal blow by Sir Ruber's mace in an attempt to protect King Arthur

Sir Lionel (also known as Lionel) is a minor character from Warner Brothers' 1998 animated feature film Quest for Camelot, which is based on The King's Damosel by the late Vera Chapman. He was a knight of the round table who worked for King Arthur. He was the father of Kayley, the late husband of Lady Juliana and is the posthumous father-in-law of Garrett.

He was voiced by Gabriel Byrne.


Once, when a fire was in the stable, Garrett was hurt by a horse and permanently blinded. Lionel still believed in him and showed him the way to fight. He also taught him the oath.

One day, after teaching his daughter all about the sword in the stone and how Camelot got started, Lionel went there to be at the round table. There was an uninvited guest: Sir Ruber, who demanded more land. When Arthur refused, a furious Ruber attacked Lionel with a mace, struck him in the chest, and killed him. he made a lunge for Arthur, but the latter struck him down with Excalibur.

The knights arrived sadly to Lady Juliana, telling her about Lionel's death.


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