Sir Scoffsalot

Sir Scoffsalot is a pig knight and a supporting character in Yooka-Laylee. He is the leader of the Knights of Hamalot.


He usually asks Yooka and Laylee to help him with various tasks in exchange for a Pagie.

Name Origin

Scoffsalot's name reflects that this character eats a lot. He is seen to carry large amounts of food with him at all times.


Sir Scoffsalot wears chain mail armor with a yellow food apron while wearing orange gloves and an orange belt with 6 donuts attached to his belt. He also holds a candy cane in his left hand. More candy canes can be seen on his back as well. He wears toeless shoes.


While kind, Sir Scoffsalot is incredibly gluttonous, as he says "Om Nom Nom..." at the beginning of every new dialogue box, implying that he is constantly eating something.


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