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Sir Tiffy Cashen in combat.

Sir Tiffy Cashien? is a white knight in the MMORPG? RuneScape.? He assists ? players in several quests. The last (Known) quest that he fights in is the quest "Ritual of the Mahjaart". At the very end of the quest, the player has a dream as he/she is being transported back Falador Park. The dream starts with many, already dead, warriors exploding and falling as they yell they're last calls before death. The player then spots an ally that sacrifised himself to save the player from total corruption. As the player stalks him, they are pursuited by a deadly race known as the? Dragonkin? . The player barley misses the rath of the mighty beasts, but the white knight has been hit. Tiffy claims that it is only a skin injury, be he is finished off as anthor Dragonkin comes and says "No, you won't." (Sir Tiffy says he will live before this.) The Dragonkin say that they will destroy the rest of? RuneScape and will start with a small town called Edgeville. The player then passes out, wakes up, and Sir Tiffy is sitting in Falador Park, completly ok drinking tea. When the player asks him what happened in the dream, Sir Tiffy claims that he does not know what happened, has no idea what the player is talking about, and the player finishs the quest. His weapon of choice is a long white blade and a white kiteshield. His apperance is an old man in white armor, however, his fighting style is incredible, especilly for an eldery person.

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