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Heroine Overview

Maybe it's broken because you don't trust anyone.
~ Sisu
It may feel impossible, but sometimes, you just have to take the first step, even before you're ready.
~ Sisu
I don't know why they chose me. It could've been any of us. All I know is I trusted them, and they trusted me.
~ Sisu

Sisudatu, simply known as Sisu, is the titular deuteragonist of the 59th Disney animated feature, Raya and the Last Dragon. She is an ancestral water dragon who has been dormant for 500 years after her family sacrificed their lives to stop the horrific Druun creatures that threatened the land of Kumandra. Upon awakening, Sisu becomes the warrior princess Raya's best friend and travel companion to save the world from the return of the Druun while trying to mend the now shattering world.

She was voiced by Awkwafina, who also played Courtney in The Angry Birds Movie 2, Quail in Storks, "Otto" in "The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run", Katy in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Ms. Tarantula in The Bad Guys and Ming Fleetfoot in Jumanji: The Next Level.


Tall and slender in shape, Sisu sports a thick blue fur serving as her mane, a double horn on her forehead and dorsal fins descending from the mane to the tip of the tail which also sports a codal fin. She has four fingers on the arms, three on the legs and purple eyes.


I'm gonna be real with you, all right? I'm not, like, the best dragon, ya know? [...] Have you ever done like, that group project, but, there's like, that one kid who didn't pitch in as much, but still ended up on the same grade?
~ Sisu

Sisu is a caring, understanding, hopeful, sympathetic, playful, optimist, jovial, and laid-back creature but she is also incredibly naive, believing that trust can make everything right, even after witnessing the cruelty and coldness of some humans. This same confidence in the confidence that sometimes turns against her is however her greatest strength because she could see in Namaari's eyes that there was both good in her and that she was not yet too late, even going so far as to approach it while Princess Fang had a crossbow. Whenever she meets her future traveling companions, she is by no means suspicious like Raya and quickly befriends them. Even after being accidentally shot, Sisu held no grudges towards Namaari and hugged her with her other friends. From her point of view, the world was mostly broken because trust was gone.

On the social side, Sisu appreciates everyone very much but she doesn't know much about human culture, unaware of what is or begins to work credits to the point of taking too many articles at once and attracting the anger of the traders of Talon Land and sometimes acts awkwardly in her human form. In her dragon form, she is more confident about herself, clearly stating her way of thinking. The recent knowledge of how cold a human heart can be during her journey to Talon Land has not changed her opinion of trust but only made her see that humans have their own weapons like lying to survive.

Very easy going, Sisu enjoys good food, original personalities and takes great pleasure in swimming underwater. She also likes to do Rap. Sisu seldom takes matters seriously until the situation becomes truly extreme, such as the importance of restoring the Dragon Gem to stop the Druun once and for all. She is mostly a little too optimistic in some situations, believing that her attempts at trust can work on everyone, like when she arrives in Spine Land and she stubbornly wants to prove Raya wrong about lack of confidence and making a plan devoid of offensives but just talking in Fang Land.

Sisu loved and held her siblings in high regard, especially her older brother Pengu, trusting them until the end. 500 Years later, seeing her family in stone again saddened her more than anything but she was ready to go all the way so that they did not sacrifice themselves for anything. This same esteem for her siblings causes her a deep sense of insignificance, by no means judging herself as the best of Dragons and not fooling around on her abilities other than her talent for swimming. No sooner had she met Raya than she quickly bonded with her and risking her life to protect her from Namaari, acting like a fearsome dragon and growling in the face of the despicable princess before relenting quickly upon seeing the tears in Namaari's eyes.

When all of her kind came back to life, a freshly resurrected Sisu happily reunited with them as well as Raya and all her friends.

Powers and Abilities

  • Dragon Physiology: As a Dragon, Sisu is easily stronger than humans and possesses superior abilities, like agility and flexibility, allowing her to pass easily through rope traps in a fraction of a second.
  • Water Abilities: Like all Water Dragons, she can very easily breathe underwater and swim very fast, even faster than others. She can also fly through the air using rain as a platform, allowing her to run on water in the air.
  • Dragon Gem's Connection: Using the Dragon Gem, Sisu has access to the powers of her siblings.
    • Transformation: Coming from Pranee, Sisu takes a human form with clothes.
    • Luminescence: Coming from Amba, Sisu can make her body light up to light up in the dark.
    • Fog Creation: Coming from Jagan, Sisu can make the fog appear while spitting it out of her mouth.
    • Rain Generation: Coming from Pengu, Sisu can make the rain run off.



Almost 500 years earlier, Sisu and her family lived peacefully in Kumandra until a dangerous creature named Druun born of human darkness appeared and began to steal the souls of living beings. When only the five siblings were left, Pengu refused to let the evil win and created the Dragon Gem with the power of his two sisters and his brother then gave it to Sisu before they were petrified by the Druun. With all her being, Sisu could stop the Druun thanks to the Gem but fell into a deep sleep in the form of water for half a millennium.

Raya and the Last Dragon

Six years after the Dragon Gem broke, Raya comes to the end of a stream in a shipwreck where Sisu is most likely to be found. The young woman begins an incantation, resulting in the surrounding water beginning to form and then replenish Sisu entirely. Awake, Sisu doesn't know where she is and accidentally pushes Raya when she hears her speak but doesn't see her due to the fog formed by her return. The fact that Raya was not petrified leaves Sisu thinking that she succeeded in her mission until Raya reveals to her that she has been dormant for a very long time and the Gem has been shattered, causing the return of the Druun and that no dragons were freed from petrification.

Raya suggests to a disgruntled Sisu to make another Gem but the strap reveals to be unable to do so, mostly recounting that she's not the best of the dragons through a depressing comparison of the groupmate who doesn't do much but gets the same note. She then picks up the piece of Gem that Raya had on her and finds out that she can use the power of her little sister Amba, meaning that she is still linked to the Dragon Gem and that by bringing all the other pieces together, the Druun will be able to be stopped.

Continuing to cross Tail Land, Raya and a Sisu in disguise so as not to attract attention arrive at the trapped hideout of the Tail Land leader where one of the fragments is kept. After narrowly escaping a crashed alone, Raya slips through rope traps before Sisu does it even faster, much to Raya's impression since she was used to seeing dragons in person. Sisu shows off a bit of it while rapping, but that only leaves Raya confused. Advancing further into the cave and dodging the explosive fart bugs, the duo find themselves in front of the leader's skeletons on the other side of a chasm.

Seeing the fragment in the skeletal hand, Sisu clings to Raya who tries to make them both pass to the other side with her hook but the lower body of the dragon stops the momentum because she did not have Understood Raya's intention, so she jumps up and the two narrowly falls on the platform. With another shard in her possession, Sisu gains the power from shapeshifting to human form. The next moment, the Princess of Fang Land, Namaari, arrives with her close guard and felines to confront Raya and Sisu until the Princess of Heart Land uses the last trap linked to the chief's skeleton to divorce long enough to get away with Sisu.

Joining Tuk Tuk, a chase begins and ends when Raya has the idea of submerging her mount in the water because Fang's felines hate water. The trio then boards The Shrimporium, a restaurant boat run by an eccentric young boy named Boun who serves as both cook and captain. Raya pays the kid to take them to Talon but seeing the slow movement of the boat, Sisu jumps into the water, regains his true form and clings to the hull before using her tail to quickly move the boat, narrowly escaping Namaari and her minions. After the escape, Sisu swims peacefully in the water, surrounded by seaweed and fish. When she rises to the surface, the wrist strap is told by Raya not to show herself in her true form in the presence of someone else, although Sisu doesn't see the problem until Raya implied that people would do anything to capture her. Sisu relents and resumes her human form after sarcastically noting that Raya should learn to trust. Boun then serves food for the duo but before Sisu starts tasting, Raya's paranoid suggests that the food is stocked. Sisu eats it anyway before burning her throat with the dynamic sauce.

In the evening, the boat runs alongside a mangrove swamp where the Druun prowl on the shore because they cannot cross the water. When Boun questions what the vile creature really is, Sisu explains that the Druun was born out of discord between humans and has existed forever, hidden in the shadows, waiting for the moment of weakness to attack. and that he is the complete opposite of dragons. Boun reveals that the Druun took his family away, something Sisu also experienced. Sharing the same sorrow, Sisu, Boun then Raya places flowers in the water, in memory of those they have lost. Talon Land then looms on the horizon.

Landing on the shore, Raya decides to go find the local chef alone while Sisu stays on the boat. Sisu disagrees and starts over with her ideas of giving a gift as a sign of peace, just to fall on deaf ears. After Raya leaves, Sisu chooses to proceed with her idea and suggest by Boun, she takes several credit items as gifts. Unfortunately, traders start asking for money because they don't trust foreign people to keep their pledges. As the situation escalates, She is pulled out of trouble by an old woman. Sisu thanks her rescuer who takes her to see the chief who apparently lives outside the city but this turns out to be an ambush, the old lady being in fact Talon's viscous new chief. Having the choice between giving the information on the fragments or being left to the Druun, Sisu is almost doomed until the sudden arrival of Raya who pulls her out of trouble, taking the fragment in the same time and the two quickly return to the boat. Recovering from the event, Sisu found it hard to believe how bad the old woman was before he befriended the baby pickpocket and the Ongis that Raya recently recruited, having her cheek pulled.

As the gang approach Spine Land, Sisu sits thoughtfully at the front of the boat. When Raya comes to see her after calming the kid and her monkeys, Sisu expresses her astonishment at the way humans have used lies as a weapon. Raya claims that since the world is broken there is no more trust but Sisu retorts that the world is mostly broken because she does not trust anyone. Once again, Raya and Sisu begin to voice their really divergent opinion which concludes with the human saying that Kumandra is just a fairy tale. When the boat is in sight of shore, Sisu take a dish and quickly makes it to the land with the intention of doing it her way and not Raya's.

Arriving in front of the Spine village and followed by a Raya confused about her plan, Sisu tells her that she is going to prove that the princess is wrong about trust and that for that she is going to offer the dish as proof of the trust granted. As soon as she knocks with the handle, a bag closes on her and Raya, making her notice her temerity too late. They are then taken tied up in a hut by Tong, a big and menacing warrior who guards the fragment of Spine. The mood takes a rather bizarre turn when Tong begins to croak twisted on his warlike grandeur causing fear until the rest of the gang disembark, immobilize the colossus, and free Sisu and Raya. Their luck unfortunately runs out when Namaari and his Fang army arrive at the village gate to demand the shard and Raya. Tong being the sole survivor of Druun's latest attack and as they are outnumbered, Raya hands the satchel of the fragments to Sisu while she acts as a diversion to allow their escape.

Fleeing during the skirmish between Raya and Namaari, Sisu gives up on fleeing when she sees Raya lose the advantage against her rival and finally find herself on the ground. Refusing to drop her, Sisu regains her true form before attacking the Fang Army with her fog blast. Rid of the minions, she approaches Namaari while grumbling on her but hardly she looks at her in the teary eyes of the princess Fang that she begins to calm down, apparently seeing something in her before running away with the gang, leaving a Namaari in shock.

Once again on the water, the gang (now including Tong) are angry that Raya is keeping Sisu's true identity from them. The dragon eases the tension by declaring that she and Raya are going to fix the world and bring everyone back. All the others having lost someone to the Druun, they beg the duo to join their quest, Tong even giving them his shard as goodwill. Sisu then takes the shard and recovers the power to summon rain, allowing her to happily soar through the air for the first time in centuries. Some time later, the group arrives in Fang's territory and begins to devise their plan to retrieve the last fragment of the Dragon Gem with Sisu continuing to suggest a peaceful method to approach Namaari for her to deliver the fragment to them as she is convinced that there is good in it. In front of the skepticism of the others, especially that of Raya which infuriates her more than anything. She then makes rain fall to take Raya into the air.

The dragon and the human quickly arrive at Heart Land where Sisu shows Raya where her petrified siblings lie, exactly where the Dragon Gem was shattered. To make her friend better understand why she believes so much in trust, Sisu recounts the tragic event dating back 500 years, when her siblings entrusted her with the Gem before being petrified and until the end she trusted them as they trusted her. While explaining that that same confidence has given her a power she never would have suspected, Sisu is sure there is still hope for Namaari, something Raya finds it hard to believe is possible until Sisu only tells her that if she puts her trust in her rival, she can see her father again and see her dream of reforming Kumandra come true. After a stop in front of the statue of Benja, Raya's father, the princess ends up agreeing to the dragon's plan once Sisu repeats Benja's words of taking the first step even before to be ready.

After dark, Raya sends the four Talon thieves to send a message to Namaari. Once the gang is complete, they share a good meal while expressing how much they look forward to seeing their family again. Sisu and Raya learn to their shock from Tong that the little girl's name is Noi since her name was written on her. The next moment, Namaari sends a fireworks rocket as a sign that she wants to come and meet them. At dawn, Raya and Sisu meet Namaari who has come with her fragment of the Gem to the edge of the cliff overlooking Fang Palace. Unfortunately, Namaari pulls out a crossbow with the intention of bringing back all of the shards and Sisu with her. The rest of the gang arrive as reinforcements, having suspected that trusting someone from Fang Land was sheer madness. Not giving up on Namaari, Sisu convinces Raya to let her handle this and begins advancing towards Princess Fang despite still aiming her weapon at her. Kindly, Sisu expresses her certainty that Namaari doesn't want to hurt anyone and that she just wants to build a better world like them. Believing that Namaari will shoot, Raya attacks with her grappling hook but this results in Sisu being accidentally shot in the heart and falling into the river under the horrified eyes of his friends. With her disappearance, the water in turn disappears, leaving no defense against the Druun.

Sisu's death fills Raya with such intense anger that she sets off to confront Namaari at the palace in a fight to the death. Eventually losing the duel, Namaari tearfully expresses that she never meant to harm anyone and acknowledges being partly responsible for what happened to Sisu, just as she judges that Raya is also responsible for it because of her inability to trust others until the end. Ultimately as the gang pushes back the Druun had all the pieces and the end seemed near, Raya chose to trust Namaari by giving her the Heart fragment and urged others to do the same before being petrified by the abject creature. One by one, the others go the same, leaving only Namaari reconstituting the Dragon Gem and then being also petrified. This final act of trust succeeds in not only destroying the Druun but also restoring everyone to normal, including the dragons who by using their power manage to revive Sisu. Joyfully reunited with all her friends, Sisu later attends Kumandra's reunification before going off with her fellows, the world finally repaired and once again a happy place.


Oh, my... Where am I? Pengu? Amba? Pranee? Are you here? (Raya: Oh, Mighty Sisu.) Who said that? [Accidentally knocks Raya down with her tail] Hello? Hello? [Note Raya spread out on the ground] Oh! Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. Not too bad. Just a little dusty. Let me get that for ya.
~ Sisu wake up.
Raya: You are Sisu?
Sisu: And you're people. What's your name?
Raya: Raya. I'm Raya.
Sisu: And you're not made of stone, which means...
Sisu & Raya: It worked!
Sisu: We did it! You hear that, Pengu? It worked! I didn't mess it up! Is that food? I was so focused on saving the world, I forgot to have breakfast today.
Raya: Today? When exactly do you think today is?
Sisu: Tuesday. I mean... Mmm. What is this delightful culinary treat?
Raya: It's jackfruit jerky. I dried it myself.
Sisu: Well, compliments to the chef. Wanna finish this, Skippy?
Raya: Uh... Sisu, there are a few things I need to catch you up on.
Sisu: Oh, yeah?
~ Sisu meets Raya.
Sisu: YOU BROKE IT!? Oh, oh. Oh, my. This is bad. This is bad. I've been asleep for 500 years, you brought back the Druun, and none of my brothers and sisters came back. Why didn't they come back?
Raya: I don't know.
Sisu: Also, you broke the gem!
Raya: But I still have a big chunk of it, though.
Sisu: Is that supposed to make me feel better? If you lost a puppy, and I said... "Well, we still have a big chunk of it!" Would that make you feel better?
Raya: Can't you just make another one?
Sisu No, I can't just "make another one."
~ Sisu learns that the Dragon Gem is broken.
Sisu: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
Raya: Nothing. I'm just not used to seeing dragons.
Sisu: Impressed, huh? Wait until you see my backstroke. [Star to raping] I'm wicked when I hit that liquid. I got water skills that kill. I slaughter when I hit the water. I'm, like, really good at swimming, through rhyme. [Stop the rap] I was trying to make that... That I'm really good at swim... I'm a good swimmer, is basically what I'm...
Raya: Okay, um, we need to keep going.
~ Sisu to Raya as they enter the cave where the next fragment is located.
Raya: Sisu? Sisu? Please get out of there.
Sisu: I'm a water dragon. This is water. It's sort of my thing. You wanna come in?
Raya: Someone could see you.
Sisu: Oh. Do you mean Captain Pop and Lock over there? What, are you scared he's gonna challenge me to a dance battle?
Raya: Sisu, I saw people lose their minds over a Dragon Gem. Can you imagine what they'd do over an actual dragon? Look, we need you to make this all work. Until we have all the gems, you have to stay human. Please.
Sisu: Wow, you really got some trust issues.
Raya: Look, my father blindly trusted people, and now, he's stone.
Sisu:Hey, we'll get your ba back.
~ Sisu puzzled by Raya's inability to trust.
Sisu: Being people is hard. You have small heads. No tails. You lie to get what you want, like the Talon chief back there.
Raya: Yeah, well, the world's broken. You can't trust anyone.
Sisu: Or maybe the world's broken because you don't trust anyone.
Raya: You sound just like my ba.
Sisu: Well, he sounds like a smart man.
Raya: Yeah, he was. I really wanted to believe him. I really wanted to believe that we could be Kumandra again.
Sisu: And we can.
Rayz: Literally thousands of people turned to stone would argue otherwise.
Sisu: That doesn't mean you shouldn't try.
Raya: And I did. And you know what happened? I got kicked in the back by someone who gave me a gift. Look around. We're a world of orphans because people couldn't stop fighting over a gem. Wanna know why other dragons didn't come back? It's because people don't deserve them.
Sisu: But you can change that.
Raya: No, Sisu, I am done trying. Kumandra is a fairy tale. The only thing important to me now is bringing my ba back.
~ Sisu and Raya disagree.
Sisu: I'm going to show you that you're wrong!
Raya: How? By getting squashed by a bunch of Spine rage-heads?
Sisu: No. By proving to you that if you wanna get someone's trust, you have to give a little trust first.
~ Sisu argues with Raya.
Tong: Why are you here, divine water dragon?
Sisu: Isn't that obvious, big guy? My girl Raya and I are gonna fix the world. Bring everyone back.
~ Sisu's explains her goal.
Here's my plan. We infiltrate Fang, confront Namaari, and offer her something nice and go...Hey! Wanna help us save the world? Because all it takes is one gem piece. Yes! I've been waiting for someone to ask me! Here you go! Best friends forever!
~ Sisu's absurd plan.
Sisu: Hey. I got this. I know you don't wanna hurt anybody.
Namaari: What are you doing?
Sisu: You just want a better world. Like we all do.
Namaari: Sisu...
Sisu: I trust you, Namaari.
~ Sisu trying to appeal to Namaari's good side before accidentally being plugged in the heart.
Sisu: Raya.
Raya: Sisu.
Sisu: I am so hungry.
Raya: I got some jerky.
Sisu: Not that hungry.
Noi: Sisu!
Tong: Aw, it's good to breathe in your glorious dragon stench again.
Sisu: Okay, I take that as a compliment.
~ Sisu reunited with all of her friend after her revival.
Chief Benja, your daughter did you proud. Hope you don't mind, she brought some friends.
~ Sisu's final words in the movie, when every lands form Kumandra again.


  • She is inspired by the mythological creatures, Nāga.
  • She likes mangoes.
  • Although not the last of her siblings, she is slightly smaller than her siblings.
  • After coming back to life, she appears to have retained the powers of the Dragon Gem as she was glowing when she woke up.
  • She was always intended to die in the film, but there was debate regarding whether she and the other dragons should return. The decision to revive Sisu was largely the work of producer Osnat Shurer, who wanted a traditional Disney ending that “made your heart sing”.
  • The word "Sisu" is a Finnish term that can be roughly translated into English as "strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. Sisu is not momentary courage, but the ability to sustain that courage." A concept that directly mirror's Sisu's brave and optimistic personality in the movie.

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