Six-Shooter is a six armed cowboy puppet with guns in each hand.


Six-Shooter is the tallest out of all the main puppets. He has a sinister grin with one gold tooth. He wears a handkerchief that jumps up to cover half of his face whenever he shoots someone with explosive bullets and a black cowboy hat. He has very short brown hair on his head and a small amount of facial hair. He wears a white shirt with a brown waistcoat and six gun holsters. In each holster is a mini silver revolver. He has six arms and has black gloves with four fingers on each hand. He wears long black cowboy boots with golden spurs and dark blue denim jeans. In Axis Termination and Axis Rising he wore a black variant of his usual outfit.


It is never explained how this is possible, but one may just assume it is part of the magic that animates him in the first place. He did not appear until the second film, but he was just being repaired and played no part. He appeared fully constructed in "Toulon's Revenge". Six-Shooter, like several of the other puppets, is presumably inhabited by the soul of a human being.


It's identity is never revealed, however, his retro version in Retro Puppet Master contains the soul Afzel. Little is known about Six-Shooter but for the fact he was based on Toulon's perception of an American design (In this case, a stereotypical cowboy). The soul inside Six-Shooter is never mentioned, but it is speculated that simply another soldier (A rather gun-happy one) is inside. Another theory is that the spirit of Afzel, who was placed inside the retro version of Six-Shooter, still remains in the modern version (Six-Shooter, along with Tunneler and Pinhead, is one of Toulon's first main puppets). As can be assumed, Six-Shooter enjoys shooting, and seems proud of successful shots. From the laughing sounds he makes, it can also be assumed Six-Shooter is a rather jovial being.

Power Ability

Six-Shooter has Spider powers from “Spiderman”, like strangling threads and poisonous cobweb and other Spider Physiologies.


6 guns and a big bag full of incendiary explosive ammunition with acid, wrist-mounted guns, grenades, rifles, poisonous rope-like black whip, MGAUVADSCIWX13461197-12 Gatling Minivulcagun Revolvenger, handguns hidden under his arm, inside his sleaves, and automatic handguns, all in Black B.T.N.T.N.X. Gunpowder.


  • In Axis of Evil , his extra arms make a cameo and his pictures is also seen in the credits along with Torch.
  • He was originally conceived as a ninja with six arms instead of a cowboy.
  • In the behind the scenes of Retro-Puppetmaster, Six Shooter is seen as Guy Rolf opens the puppet trunk.
  • Revealed through images for the film in Puppet Master X: Axis Rising he will wear a Stealth outfit. At this time it is currently unknown why.
  • He is the only puppet who could climb walls like a spider.


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