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You're in this mess cause you tried to.save me nobody's carred happens to me in ages--
~ Skids talking to her boyfriend and trying to save him

Skids (Sally Blevins) is a Marvel Comics mutant. She is a mutant that has the power to make force-fields.


Skids a runaway mutant who left home after the death of her mother. Sally has had a long history of child abuse from her father while her mother always defended her. Sally's powers manifested one day when her father tried attacking. Bill Blevins became more enraged when he found out she was a mutant Matilda was back handed for defending her daughter. Sally ran away and became a homeless teen living under the streets.

She lived underground with the Morlocks then later she joined the X-Factor. Sally was one of the few mutants to survive the attack on the Morlocks. While living with the Morlocks Skids used her force fields to protect her self from Masque who used his powers to make Morlocks look more different and tried to make her look like them.

When Scarlet Witch depowered 90% of the mutant population Skids was surprised she still had her powers. After M-Day and the fall of the Morlock society Skids has become a secret agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. this is revealed when the former Morlock leader Masque tries to use Leech's powers. Although she is a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. Skids is secretly a part of the New Morlocks lead by Callisto because is also still loyal to them as well. She didn't trust any of them and only got along with Masque and the Morlocks because she had nowhere else to go.

Skids became an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. because after m-day the government made a list of 198 mutants who kept their powers after the event. S.H.I.E.L.D. kept it a secret that Sally Blevins was one on the mutants to keep her powers after m-day. She joined them because it was her only option to still keep her mutation a secret from the government and to protect her self.

Skids has survived the the many terrible events that have happened to the Morlocks. She survived the Mutant Massacre caused by the Marauders. Managed to avoid capture and being taken the Neverland camp. Survived her encounters with Sabretooth where Morlocks like Samson and others weren't so lucky. She is one of the few remaining and surviving members of the Acolytes. Also one of the few survivors who still remains from the MLF (Mutant Liberation Front). Skids has also survived many attacks from Masque who killed many Morlocks who didn't follow him. Skids also attacks from Mikhail Rasputin another cruel Morlock leader who got many Morlocks killed by following him and killed some followers for not obeying him. She avoided being captured by people hunting down mutants she did this by becoming a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent unlike Masque and other Morlocks. Sally has avoided making the list of mutants that the government keeps whom they think could be threats. She faked her death with the help of Black Widow who saved her from being killed by one of the Black Widow clones. Skids is lucky to be one of the few survivors from the villain teams like the Acolytes and the MLF while many of the other members are dead.

Sally survived the downfall of the mutant base Uptopia and the massacre that happened there because she was one of the few mutants that decided not to go live on the island. Although she as mutant Sally Blevins hangouts with humans more then she does with other mutants. Not only has Skids survived several things that many mutants didn't survive. She has witnessed betrayal far to many times when she worked with villains in the past. She has witnessed Masque and his minions reveal themselves to be traitors among the Morlocks and seen traitors among the M.L.F. and Acolytes. Her time with the Morlocks Sally knew that even with Callisto leading the Morlocks who happen to be better then Masque was someone who couldn't be completely trusted.

Skids has seen the cruelity that Callisto is capable of and knows that both the Morlock leaders Callisto and Masque are capable of. Although the Morlocks to Sally in and took care of her because she looked normal compared to the rest of them she didn't exactly fit with them.


Sally Blevins is a mutant who doesn't follow the same rules or beliefs of most other mutants. She is a young girl who has tried to find her place in the world even though she was a member of the Morlocks she really didn't fit in with them.

As a young kid she had a habit of getting into trouble but had a good heart. She grew up with a abusive father who always believed she was guilty of something because of the mischief she got into. Her father would even accuse her of something like how he believed Sally tried to steal her mother's necklace even she was innocent, wanting to just look at it and try it on. She is loyal to her friends who have happened to be both mutant and human. Even though she has had a rough life Skids has had better relationships than most other mutants because of her ability to get along with almost everyone she meets.

Her good encounters with humans are what helped her to work well with members of S.H.I.E.L.D. and other superheroes. Despite her past working with M.L.F. and Acolytes who mutant terrorists groups who hate humans Skids doesn't hold a grudge with humans even though she was member of villain groups in the past. She is not proud of what she did her past working with villains but she also doesn't hold on to the things her did in the past.

Because she has worked mutant groups who wanted to create mutant supremacy with her past experience and knowledge on that she has seen what it looks like and knows that it is not a good thing. Working with teams like that in the past has helped her to notice when when someone is trying rule with supremacy. Although she works for S.H.I.L.D. and is friends with humans Skids has decided to break all ties with the fight between mutants and humans deciding not to get involved.

She has seen what happens trying to fight against humans when she was a terrorist. She has given up on that and just cares about doing the right thing instead of fighting the people who hate mutants. Sally cares about helping people because she had no one to help her when she moved around to different teams most of leaders of those teams only cared about using their followers never really caring for them.

Although Skids doesn't hold any hate for humans Skids does have issues with the Marauders because of they killed many of the Morlocks she knew even though she was still an outcast among the Morlocks because she looked more human than the rest of them. Unlike other mutants and Morlock members Sally Blevins had no intrest in moving to Utopia or Krakoa were the X-Men have allowed sanctuary for the Marauders. Sally also has no intrest staying in locations that allow terrorists groups that she use to be apart of like M.L.F. and Acolytes to be forgiven of their crimes. She does not wish to be around old groups she was in that will bring unpleasant memories.

Growing up as a runaway orphan Skids has learned to take of herself and only rely on herself. Even though she moved around to different groups she has learned that most of the groups only cared about what they wanted. Sally found out things only get worse when mutants organize big groups to either fight back or sperate themselves from humans. She has learned it's better to be alone than be apart of society that usual dooms it's self with the decisions they make.


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