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Skipper Riley is the deuteragonist of Planes and a supporting character in Planes: Fire & Rescue. He is the veteran plane and Dusty's mentor who teaches him to fly right so Dusty can joins the race. He is voiced by Stacy Keach.


You looking to be number 51?

Go home! You're over your head kid!

Bad idea.

You're going up against the best racers in the world and some of them don't finish.

You're sloppy on your rolls. Tight on your turns and straight at your straightaways.

Never mind. You already lost.


He's ready.

You've earned it.

Listen get above the storm.

IT'S TRUE!! It's true. I only flew one mission.

Negative Jigsaw 2. Our orders are to recon and report.

Alright. Lets go in for a closer look but keep your distance.

Get outta there Lucas!

After that I just couldn't bear to bring myself to fly again.

Probably best that I don't.

Well, I may be old but at least I'm not afraid of heights.

Don't thank me. I learned a lot from you than you ever learned from me.

Its an honor to be here.

Dusty, ready to do some flying?

Snap into those turns. There you go.

Dusty. You okay?

Propwash tower this is Jolly Wrench 7. We're a flight of two inbound for a precautionary landing.

Dottie is an excellent mechanic.

The Fill n Fly!

And Dusty be careful.

Dusty, I'm sorry. (When the wrong gearbox was delivered)



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