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You've done more than I would have expected from some whelp off the streets. You've endured challenges, saved lives, and laughed in the face of death. You are truly who every man strives to be. I am proud of you.
~ Skjor to The Last Dragonborn

Skjor was a Nord werewolf, and was one of the members of The Circle of Companions. He was also Ex-Legion, and fought during the Great War.

Skjor serves as a mentor and father-figure during the beginning of the Companions questline.


Skjor stood side by side in battle with every member of the Companions, and trusted each of them with his life, which was more than he could say about the family that raised him. As he put it, "The bonds of sweat are stronger than those of blood." Like Aela, he embraces his lycanthropy despite Kodlak's concerns, and is looking forward to spending an eternity in Hircine's hunting grounds.

Skjor once assured Athis, the only elf in the Companions, that his race wasn't an issue because "even an elf can be born with the heart of a Nord". Athis is clearly well aware of the mildly racist connotations of this, but claims that he knows it was meant to be a compliment and so elected to take it as one.


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