IZ Skoodge

Skoodge is a supporting protagonist in Invader Zim.


Skoodge is a very short Irken, something that causes him to be looked down upon (both figuratively and literally) by the Tallest, and is considered ugly. He wears a standard Irken Invader uniform, but with no horizontal stripes, which has several dark spots or stains on it, and wears pink gloves and boots rather than the usual black, although these changed to the standard black in "Hobo 13". He has a wide, stubby body, similar to Zim's after stuffing himself with stolen organs in "Dark Harvest", and ruby eyes.


Skoodge was assigned to the planet Blorch, home of the Slaughtering Rat People. Blorch was originally assiged to Invader Larb, but as Larb has increased in height, he was assigned to the planet Vort, and Blorch was given to Skoodge due to his shortness. Much to the surprise of the Almighty Tallest, Skoodge became the first Invader to successfully conquer a planet in Operation Impending Doom II. However, not wanting such a short Invader to be the poster boy of galactic conquest in a society descriminated against height, the Almighty Tallest convinced the gullible Skoodge that it had now become customary to fire conquering Invaders from the main cannon before the Armada commenced the Organic Sweep on their assigned planet. After the real Skoodge had been ejected onto the surface of Blorch, Tallest Purple selected a taller candidate, Invader Grapa, to receive the glory for Skoodge's work.



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