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Sky Lynx consists of two separate components: a space shuttle that can transform into a bird-like creature (variously dubbed a "prehistoric bird" by his instruction sheet, and a "dino-bird" by his Transformers Universe profile), and a ground transport vehicle, which transforms into a lynx. The two parts can combine with each other in either mode, allowing one to mount the shuttle on the transporter, or merge the bird and lynx into one large, griffin-like robot form (referred to as his "Dinoblast" mode in scripts for the animated series). It is this mode for which he is most famous, because it acts as his dominant robot mode in both cartoon and comic, replacing the humanoid form employed by most Transformers.

Animated series

Sky Lynx only appeared in the third season. True to his tech specs, he appears very intellectual and somewhat snobbish (he resented being lumped into the same category as the Dinobots). He speaks with a British accent. Sky Lynx played an important part in "The Return of Optimus Prime" by bringing a Quintesson to Earth to revive the deceased Optimus Prime, and in "Call of the Primitives" where he led the primitive animal-themed Transformers. He has an enmity with the Decepticon sub-group the Predacons, especially in their combined form of Predaking.

Sky Lynx appeared in episode 89, "Grimlock's New Brain". Returning from a deep space mission fighting Decepticons with Cosmos , the pair of Autobots suddenly found themselves unable to fly and crashed into Cybertron at Power Platform Alpha. It was discovered that sabotage in the generator was creating a disruptive effect on Transformers. Cosmos and Sky Lynx were sent to repair by Perceptor.

His most important role was in "The Return of Optimus Prime". After the initial phase of the Hate Plague had infected the Earth and the surrounding star systems Sky Lynx was perhaps the only uninfected transformer still capable of spaceflight. He was contacted by Rodimus Prime while en route to Earth to combat the plague and evacuate survivors. Rodimus ordered him to find a Quintesson and bring him to Earth without delay. He does so once learning a Quintesson is needed to restore Optimus Prime to life. Sky Lynx rescues the Quintesson, Klementia, from Plague-infected Sharkticons in return for the entity's help with Prime. The pair manage to revive Optimus while hiding in the deactivated Metroplex. Sky Lynx transports Optimus and several other Autobots to the Decepticon homeworld of Chaar. Forming an alliance with the uninfected Galvatron, the plague-proof metal is acquired. Due to circumstance, Sky Lynx and Prime make it back to Earth as the only alliance members uninfected. By this time, Rodimus Prime, holding the Matrix, had become infected. Prime is coated with the small quantity of the special metal they had and with the assistance of the uninfected Steeljaw, confronts Rodimus. Sky Lynx is infected during this. Rodimus is soon defeated and the Matrix cures the Plague.

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