This pup's gotta fly!
~ Skye's catchphrase

Skye the Cockapoo is one of the main protagonists of the Canadian cartoon series PAW Patrol. She is a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix who is the aviation pup of the titular team.

She is voiced by Kallan Holley in the Canadian and North American versions and by Holly Thomas in the British version.

Equipment and Abilities

Skye's main ability is to fly using the retractable wings in her pup pack. Her flight goggles also function as binoculars, allowing her to see things from afar. Skye is also very graceful and a good dancer, and can perform backflips with ease (and nearly always does when she jumps).

Skye's vehicle is a pink helicopter that features a harness in the back, as well as a cable that can be used to pick up things that are out of reach. Its vehicle number is 04.

Skye's Mission PAW vehicle is the "sky cycle", a motorbike with the ability to transform into a four-wheeled hovercraft, and her Mission PAW Pup Pack features a suction cup launcher that can be used to grab objects from afar.

Physical appearance and personality

Skye is a small cockapoo pup with golden brown and cream colored fur, with her shaggy ears, tail, fluff on her head and the circles around her eyes being the former color and her legs, snout, belly and the rest of her body being the latter one. She has magenta eyes. Her nose and eyebrows are brown, and she has three small eyelashes. She is the smallest member of the paw patrol.

Personality-wise, Skye is a very fun-loving, smart and brave pup who often participates in fun activities with her fellow PAW Patrol members, such as the dancing video game for dogs called "Pup Pup Boogie". In the episode "Pups Save a Toof", it's revealed that Skye is afraid of eagles.


  • Everest and Skye are the only females of the PAW Patrol. Chase Zuma Tracker Rocky, Rubble, Arrby, Tuck,Robo-Dog, Apollo and Marshall are boys.


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