Oh Oliver, you're my hero.
~ Skylar to Oliver.

Skylar Storm was a superheroine in Mighty Med, born in the volcanic planet of Caldera. She has faced off with some of the most fearsome villains in the world. Beware to anyone who treats her as "just another pretty face!"

Skylar lost her superpowers to the villain, the Annihilator, and in the meantime, had to remain on Earth, realizing that Mighty Med didn't have the technology to restore her powers.  Her friends Kaz and Oliver made it their mission to keep her safe while finding a way to restore her powers.  While on Earth, she took the identity, Connie Valentine, and occasionally battled supervillains that ended up menacing them.  One year later, her friends Kaz and Oliver found a way to restore her powers after retrieving her canister from the Annihilator, but he got wind of it and followed them to Mighty Med. Skylar's powers were successfully restored, but unbeknownst to the boys, the Annihilator had secretly tampered with her powers after he followed them to Mighty Med. Afterward, Skylar was transformed into an evil servant of immense power, loyal to the Annihilator.

After Mighty Med was destroyed by Roman and Riker, she became part of an elite force with Kaz, Oliver, Bree, and Chase.  

She was portrayed by Paris Berelc.


Skylar Storm is an alien superhero, genetically engineered on the volcanic planet Caldera. She was one of the greatest heroes until The Annihilator seized control of her powers and turned her into the most dangerous villain in the universe. To save her from evil, they had her powers drained by Hapax the Elder. Even without powers, she uses her agility to stop villains. On Earth, she posed as a normal human girl known as Connie Valentine.


Skylar Storm is a comic book superhero who doesn't give up easily. She lost her powers because her nemesis, The Annihilator, stole them from her. Even though she has lost all of her powers, she doesn't like to believe so. Once she tried to lift up a weight, thinking that her powers would be restored, but they weren't. She also tried to burn a piece of bread, but that didn't work either, and she angrily threw it at a wall. Skylar sometimes helps Kaz and Oliver with their errands, because she is bored without her powers. Skylar joined Logan High School once she realized that she isn't getting her powers back anytime soon. She wishes one day, she can regain her lost glory.

Sometimes Skylar gets angry when people don't listen to her, or things don't go the way she wanted to, but she can be loyal and a good friend. Skylar is shown to care a lot about others, especially Oliver, and tries to do as much as she can do to help her friends. Skylar recently got her powers back, but her powers were corrupted by The Annihilator, under his control. With her serving The Annihilator, she has become a ruthless force to be reckoned with. She was also charming and cunning/manipulative to Kaz and Oliver.

Even when Skylar turned evil and accepted it, she still cared for her friends, not having it in her to destroy them. After being freed from The Annihilator's serum (and having her powers removed once more), Skylar has been guilt-ridden over the idea that she hurt and destroyed many people she cared about.


Regarding her physical appearance, Skyler donned a pink and black suit and blazer, and also had a pink streak in her hair. Her pink streak (as well as her nails) turned white as part of Skylar's heel persona during Season 2.


Origins & Life as a Hero

Skylar Storm was once a superhero born on the volcanic planet Caldera, whose people are genetically engineered with superpowers. Skylar has faced off with some of the most fearsome villains in the world. Beware to anyone who treats her as "just another pretty face!" One day, the Annihilator confronted her and stole her powers, reducing her to a normo who relied solely on her agility and reflexes in combat. Kaz and Oliver decided that one day, they would find a way to restore her powers.

Turn to Evil

One year later, Kaz and Oliver found the Annihilator's lair, with the help of her ex-friend Experion, and stole back Skylar's stolen powers, though the Annihilator eventually followed them to Mighty Med. After Skylar's powers were restored, she ended up becoming controlled by the Annihilator's evil. It was eventually revealed that the Annihilator used a serum to tamper with Skylar's powers so that he could control them once she regained them. Kaz and Oliver called Titanio, who summoned other superheroes to take down and capture Skylar and the Annihilator. Just as Skylar was about to be captured, Megahertz stepped in and helped Skylar reverse time. As a result, everyone involved would forget that she turned evil, and would continue serving the Annihilator as a mole. After Kaz and Oliver decided to restore all the powers the Annihilator stole, he later had Skylar use his serum to turn other superheroes into his evil servants. Tecton later discovered Skylar's evil plan in the Annihilator's lair and attempted to stop her. Despite his skills and efforts, Tecton was defeated and turned into another servant of the Annihilator. As more and more superheroes became corrupted, Kaz and Oliver found out Skylar was evil but kept it secret so that she wouldn't suspect them. Kaz and Oliver resolved that they must find a way to defeat Skylar and the Annihilator.

Loose Ends

The Annihilator decided that Kaz and Oliver were too dangerous as they kept interfering in their plans, and ordered Skylar to kill Oliver first. Skylar asked Oliver to the dance, planning to kiss him and steal his life (due to a power the Annihilator gave her) but during the dance, her feelings for Oliver started to conflict with her. She went back to the Annihilator to try and convince him that Oliver didn't need to die. However, the Annihilator was furious she had disobeyed him and told her to do it or he would kill her himself, and then them. Back at the dance, Skylar tried again and reluctantly tried to kiss him. However, they were interrupted by Alan and Skylar lost her nerve. Returning to the Annihilator she lied that she had succeeded. The Annihilator was also able to bring it up at the Cool Villain Table.

Final Battle & Defeat

When Kaz and Oliver visited Caldera, The Annihilator and Skylar ambushed the boys at Hapax the Elder's hideout.  Kaz and Oliver make their final stand against Skylar, who has decided to betray the Annihilator and rule the universe, but not without offering Kaz and Oliver to join her. Oliver pretends to give in, but in truth, got close enough to give her coal, her one true weakness. Now weakened with the help of Hapax, Skylar was defeated. Hapax sucked out Skylar's corrupted powers, turning her good again but leaving her powerless.

After Skylar turned good again, she had a few moments with Oliver, but The Annihilator shot Skylar with a fatal poison as a last-ditch payback for her betrayal. Although Hapax finished off the Annihilator, Skylar was mortally poisoned. Hapax teleported Kaz and Oliver back to Mighty Med, and raced to save Skylar, but were too late; Skylar succumbed to the poison and died.

But fortunately, it was then revealed that Horace was Caduceo, the legendary healer of superheroes; who was able to use his powers to bring Skylar back to life.

Season 1

After Mighty Med was destroyed, Skylar joins forces with old friends Bree and Chase, along with Kaz and Oliver to track down super-villains. Skylar is adjusting being a new sister to Bree. She got her powers back but has to remaster them because of repeated glitching. Skylar now poses as a bionic superhuman, so she can use her powers without revealing her true identity.


  • In They Grow Up So Fast, Skylar is reveled to be over 25 years of age, because they stay a baby for 25 years, though her biological age is around 16 or 17 years.
    • This possibly Skylar is older than she really looks.


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