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The Guards of Skyrim appear as the law enforcement of Skyrim, essentially replacing the Ordinators of Morrowind and the City Watch of Oblivion.

They were voiced by Paul Ganus (who voiced Eorlund Grey-Mane) and Olev Aleksander. Gideon Emery voiced the Imperials, and Martina Lotun voiced the female Stormcloaks.


Every hold in Skyrim has its own guards. These guards protect the capital cities of each hold, and any other settlements within. All hold guards wear similar armor sets; the only differences being the color of the sash, and material of the undershirt, either scaled or quilted.

They also wear the same type of helmet, though the colours vary, depending on the hold. Hold guards carry a round wooden shield, which varies in color and typically displays the symbol of the hold across the front.

Weapons carried by the hold guards vary depending on which hold they belong to. All Imperial-controlled holds, save for The Reach, have their guards armed with Imperial Swords and Imperial Bows. Reach hold guards vary in wielding one-handed iron or steel weapons, but still use Imperial bows like their counterparts in the other Imperial-controlled holds.

However, some Reach hold guards, such as those that patrol the Dwemer Museum, are armed with Imperial swords like their counterparts in Haafingar, Hjaalmarch, Whiterun, and Falkreath, and the Whiterun hold guard that normally guards the front gate of Whiterun is seen wielding a one or two-handed iron or steel weapon instead of an Imperial sword himself.

Hold guards in Stormcloak-controlled holds wield any one-handed or two-handed iron or steel weapons with hunting bows for their archery weapon, with either a Hide Shield or Steel Shield when engaging in combat instead of their Hold Guard Shields. All hold guards use steel arrows with their bows.

Hold guards can be permanently replaced by either Imperial or Stormcloak soldiers during the Civil War, depending on which side the Dragonborn joins. They will perform the same duties and have the same dialogue as regular guards, though they may also have additional faction-based dialogue. The victorious faction will keep their guards. However, those that are not loyal will be replaced.

The guards are led by a captain and local Imperial Legate or Stormcloak Commander who reports to the local Jarl. Their duty is to uphold peace and order throughout the city and the hold, as well as ensuring justice is upheld in the event of a crime. Additionally, they are the last line of defense of their city in the event of assault or invasion.

Only Stormcloak-affiliated Holds have female guards.




Quote Guards Condition
"Citizen." Any General
"No lollygaggin'."
"What is it? Dragons?"
"Everything's all right?"
"Staying safe, I hope?"
"Watch the skies, traveler."
"Disrespect the law, and you disrespect me."
"Let me guess - someone stole your sweetroll..."
"Fear not. Come dragon or giant, we'll be ready."
"I'd be a lot warmer and a lot happier with a bellyful of mead..."
"My cousin is out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty."
"I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee...."
"Gotta keep my eyes open. Damn dragons could swoop down at any time."
"They say Ulfric Stormcloak murdered the High King... with his voice! Shouted him apart!"
"I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. Been too long since we've had a good bandit raid."
"Helgen... destroyed by a dragon. Hard to believe, isn't it?"
"I have to wonder... what does the Dragonborn do once he's summoned by the Greybeards? Can the Thu'um be taught, like any skill?"
"You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They've got curved swords. Curved. Swords."
"We need to do something about these vampire attacks." General (Dawnguard)
"They say if a vampire so much as scratches you, you'll turn into one. That better not be true."
"Dragons breathing fire in the sky. Vampires brazenly attacking people on the street. It's the end of the world I tell you."
"Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard. Vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself."
"They say that vampires attacked the Hall of the Vigilant. Burned it to the ground! Never heard of vampires doing anything like that before."
"Thanks for clearing out that vampire nest. You saved Morthal." Morthal After "Laid to Rest"
"I grew up hearing songs about Eyldi the Bear! She wrestled a storm out of the sky!" Falkreath General
"You... you were talking to that murderous savage. And then he escaped. What are you hiding?" After "Ill Met by Moonlight"
"Keep clear of the College, and keep yourself out of trouble." Winterhold General
"Hard to believe I ever complained about Riften being cold..."
"Winterhold belongs to Skyrim, not the Imperials, or the Mages."
"Take care if you're venturing too far from town. That's a bitter wind coming off the Sea of Ghosts."
"If you're here for sight-seeing, well then you've seen the sights. Might as well head somewhere warmer."
"You should talk to Rustleif. Get some proper steel." Dawnstar General
"Dangerous post, Dawnstar. If the bandits don't get you, the animals will."
"We won't give up this port to the Imperials without a fight, don't you worry."
"Old lady Frida is a grouch, but she sure can whip up a cure for the Rattles fast."
"Beware of Frostmere Crypt, friend. Heard some bandits are living in the ruins now." Giving a location
"Giants have been spotted up near Red Road Pass. Best to keep away and avoid it entirely."
"The people here are still plagued with nightmares. It's... unnatural." Before "Waking Nightmare"
"No more nightmares. Thank the gods for that." After "Waking Nightmare"
"Riften's under my protection. You watch yourself, now." Riften General
"There's fine steel at the Scorched Hammer, if you fancy a new blade."
"If it's a bed you need, talk to Keerava in the Bee and Barb. She'll set you right."
"City's quiet enough now. But when the sun goes down, you best keep on your guard."
"You could say the Ratway is the city under the city. Dark, dangerous, and no place for decent folk."
"Need a drink, you go to the Bee and Barb. Stay out of the Ragged Flagon, stay out of the Ratway."
"There's an apothecary in town, yeah. But it's down on the lower walkway, so stay sharp if you go down there."
"Welcome to Riften, home of the Thieves Guild. Or so they'd have you believe. It's all lies. They're just thugs... vermin, creeping around the Ratway."
"Best not go wandering east of the city. Bandits been seen around Broken Helm Hollow." Giving a location
"By the gods, a dragon's been sighted just south of the city, flying around Lost Tongue Overlook."
"Talk of strange happenings at Autumnshade Clearing, just north of the lake. My guess? Spriggans."
"If you journey north, keep well away from Snapleg Cave. Damned Hagravens have infested the place."
"There's a foul presence coming from Darklight Tower, southwest of the city. Some say the place is home to necromancers."
"City got attacked once by those damn bandits, come east across the lake, from Faldar's Tooth. They won't be trying that again."
"Why we bothered to capture Riften I'll never understand. Just look at this place." Imperial control
"Seems like capturing Riften is turning out to be more of a hassle than a benefit. But what do I know?"
"Now that the Empire's arrived in Riften, we've finally established a launching point into Morrowind... just in case."
"This is Markarth, traveler. Safest city in the Reach." Markarth General
"Outsiders aren't trusted in Markarth. Best keep that in mind."
"Break the law in Markarth, and it's off to Cidhna Mine with you."
"Can't believe I'm posted here. Even the beds are made of stone."
"Let me guess - you need a drink. It's the Silver-Blood Inn you're looking for."
"You should see that Orc over in Understone Keep, have him forge you some new armor..."
"Ah, Vlindrel Hall's a fine home, if you can afford it. The steward in the keep can tell you more."
"Gods damn those Forsworn. So many dead..."
"There's a small skeever den just east of the city, at Reachwater Rock." Giving a location
"The Forsworn have been spotted to the north, near Bruca's Leap Redoubt."
"Travel southeast and you'll find an Orc stronghold, up around the old Dushnikh orichalcum mine."
"Lots of nasty holes in the Reach, and Blind Cliff Cave is one of them. A filthy Hagraven nest, northeast of here."
"Beware the region northeast, across the river. Forsworn have taken refuge in Broken Tower Redoubt and Red Eagle Redoubt."
"There's an evil to the north, friend, and its name is Ragnvald. A tomb like so many in Skyrim, where the dead have found no peace."
"The Empire didn't think we could take the Reach, but here we are." Stormcloak control
"If you need potions, you should try Arcadia's Cauldron." Whiterun General
"Need a blade? You should talk to Adrianne, at the forge."
"Need supplies? See Belethor at his store. Sleazy little man, but he has good stock."
"Stormcloaks, Imperials, dragons. Ain't no matter to me what I kill. Let them come."
"Looking to do some hunting? Avoid Brittleshin Pass. It's southeast of here." Giving a location
"Yesterday, I saw a dragon fly right over the city. Headed northeast. Toward Shearpoint, by the looks of it."
"The circle of stones to the southwest? That's Secunda's Kiss. The giants hold it sacred, so tread carefully."
"Careful if you cross the river to the east. Old Hajvarr Iron-Hand and his brigands are holed up in that cave, White River Watch."
"If you're heading east, steer clear of Hillgrund's Tomb. Thing about those old crypts - the dead having trouble staying that way."
"You know, I saw something near Shimmermist Cave, to the northeast. Some kind of creature... small and wicked. Never seen its like before."
"Be glad you're here in the city, and not out in Riverwood. Those poor sods don't even have a wall." After "Dragon Rising"
"I worry about the other settlements in the hold. Unwalled, lightly manned - prime targets for those damned dragons."
"Rorikstead's a nice enough little hamlet, but a boring posting for a guard. If a dragon attacks, well... then it'll be a different story."
"Thinking of settling in? There's a house for sale - Breezehome. You should talk to the steward up in the keep if you're interested." Before buying Breezehome
"You're that one lives in Breezehome, right? Fine place. Almost bought it myself." After buying Breezehome
"You can sell off that junk at Bits and Pieces." Solitude General
"If you need potions, head over to Angeline's Aromatics."
"Solitude is as glorious as they said it was. Nothing like Falkreath where I grew up."
"The Winking Skeever's got warm beds and cold mead. You look like you could use both."
"If it's arms or armor you need, see Beirand in Castle Dour. Bloody good blacksmith, that one."
"I don't abide fancy clothes, but you look like you might. I hear Radiant Raiments has a large selection."
"The road to Whiterun's not safe these days. Lots of travelers just... disappear, south of Dragon Bridge. Can't find a trace of them." Giving a location
"You heard of Ravenscar Hollow? Cave on the island to the west. Place is a roost for those foul Hagravens."
"Pinemoon Cave is down to the southwest, but it ain't fit for exploring. There are stories... Vampires, some say..."
"Off the coast a ways to the east, you'll find the wreck of the Brinehammer. Never know what treasures may still be aboard."
"You're the one saved the Fire Festival. I remember." After "Tending the Flames"
"Look, that Vici woman had a bodyguard. I know it's terrible she got murdered at her own wedding, but the city guard is hardly to blame..." After "Bound Until Death"
"Proudspire Manor, now there's a fine home. Up for sale, too. If you're interested, talk to the steward, in the keep." Before buying Proudspire Manor
"You own Proudspire Manor, hmm? Beautiful house. At least from the outside." After buying Proudspire Manor
"The Imperials think we need their laws. Pfft." Windhelm General
"The Imperials think us all lawless beasts. I'm proof of their ignorance."
"If it's bed or board you're after, Candlehearth Hall's got both."
"Stay away from the Aretino Residence. The place is cursed."
"If you need an apothecary, the White Phial has respectable stock."
"Loyal Nords are always welcome here. Anyone else better watch their step."
"We got a nickname for anyone who trifles with us guards here in Windhelm - "Suicide.""
"You should unload some of that unwanted gear. Head over to Sadri's Used Wares, talk to the Elf."
"This is Stormcloak territory. If you're one of those craven Imperials, don't expect a warm welcome."
"The Dunmer get their drinks at the New Gnisis Cornerclub. Why they can't just call it a tavern is beyond me..."
"My heart goes out to Clan Shatter-Shield. Kin murdered, family warhammer stolen... There's no fairness in all that."
"You hear the news? There's a dragon roosting up on Mount Anthor, to the northwest." Giving a location
"The Eye of Talos was a fine ship, once. Now it lies wrecked, off an island just north of here."
"I've no problem with Orcs. But that stronghold they've got in the southeast? Narzulbur? It's an affront to my people."
"Across the river to the northeast lies Yngol Barrow. Steer clear of that foul place, lest the walking dead claim you as their own."
"Maybe you've seen masts sticking out of the water to the northeast? That would be the wreck of the Winter War. Fine vessel, back in its day."
"Tell me you've seen them. Those... things. Small and evil, like something out of a nightmare. They come from Stillborn Cave, to the north. I know it."
"By the gods, you're diseased. Get yourself to the White Phial and purchase a remedy, before you infect us all." You're diseased
"With Nurelion gone, I suppose Quintus has taken over business in the White Phial." After "The White Phial"
"I was this close to catching that killer. I swear it." After "Blood on the Ice"
"You look tired, friend. The (local tavern) has beds for rent." Any You haven't slept
"Gonna get cold tonight. Might want to at least cover your delicates." You're naked
"Bit late to be wandering around, isn't it?" You're out at night
"Just a few more hours and I can crawl under some furs..." Between 12-4 am
"You come up to me, fists raised? You looking for a beating?" Your fists are raised
"Guard might get nervous, a man/woman approaches with his/her weapon drawn..." Your weapon's drawn
"Go cast your fancy magic some place else." You're armed with magic
"Woah, woah, woah! Watch the magic!" You charged a spell
"Bad idea." Stormcloak In combat
"The Stormcloaks pay blood for blood!"
"For the Emperor!" Imperial
"You dare dishonor the Legion?"
"Fool! The Imperial Legion will have your blood!"
"It is whispered that one of the Daedric Princes himself is behind the murder of Elisif. It would seem even the nobility of Oblivion favors our cause." Stormcloak After "Boethiah's Bidding"
"Filthy she-hound Elisif got what she deserved. Let her serve as "High Queen" of Oblivion, for all I care."
"First Torygg and now Elisif. Damn those Stormcloaks. Let's hope that Erikur fares better than they did." Imperial
"We'll protect Erikur as best we're able, but I fear the throne of Solitude is cursed."
"These boys do good work for the Empire!" Any Unused
"Nice to be here on the home-front. Wouldn't mind being down in Cyrodiil, though."
"I used to serve with Trilf and Steirod. Good guys, but don't get on their bad side, you know?"
"I once saw Steirod tear a whole tree out the ground with his bare hands. Glad he's on our side!"


Quote Dovahkiin's Race
"What is it, Argonian?" Argonian
"Stay out of trouble, lizard."
"Stay out of trouble, Argonian."
"What is it, Khajiit?" Khajiit
"What do you want... cat?"
"Stay out of trouble, Khajiit."
"Sheathe those claws, Khajiit..." Khajiit (claws raised)
"What is it, Elf?" Mer
"Don't cross me, Elf."
"Stay out of trouble, Elf."
"What is it, Imperial?" Imperial
"Stay out of trouble, Imperial."
"What is it, Redguard?" Redguard
"Stay out of trouble, Redguard"
"How can I help a brother Nord?" Nord
"Staying out of trouble, kinsman?"
"What is it, Orc?" Orc
"Stay out of trouble, Orc."
"Werewolf!" Werewolf
"It's a werewolf! To arms! To arms!"
"Die, Vampire!" Vampire
"Vampire! Burn it!"
"Vampire! To arms!"


Quote Dovahkiin's Skill
"Fancy yourself an alchemist, hmm? Never could get the hang of that." Alchemy (low)
"Hey, you mix potions, right? Can you brew me an ale?" Alchemy (high)
"Keep your arrows in their quiver, archer." Archery (low)
"Favor the bow, eh? I'm a sword man, myself." Archery (high)
"You're like me, eh? Don't fancy those clunky two-handed weapons." One-Handed (high)
"The gods gave you two hands, and you use them both for your weapon. I can respect that." Two-Handed (high)
"Lightly armored means light on your feet. Smart." Light Armor (low)
"Best offense is a good defense, am I right?" Block (high)
"Hands to yourself, sneak thief." Sneak (low)
"I know your kind, always sneaking about." Sneak (high)
"I find your hand in my pocket, I'm going to cut it off." Pickpocket (high)
"Go fiddling with any locks around here, we're going to have a real problem." Lockpick (high)
"Don't think you can barter with me like I'm one of those damned shopkeepers." Speech (low)
"Heard about you and your honeyed words..." Speech (high)
"Hail, summoner. Conjure me up a warm bed, would you?" Conjuration (low)
"So you can cast a few spells. Am I supposed to be impressed?" Destruction (low)
"Destruction magic's fine, just don't go burning down any buildings." Destruction (high)
"You're the one casts those illusions. Impressive." Illusion (high)
"I've got a lot of respect for the Restoration School. Skyrim could use more healers." Restoration (high)
"Don't suppose you'd enchant my sword? Dull old blade can barely cut butter." Enchanting (high)

Armour Sets

Quote Dovahkiin's Armor
"Some advice, friend. That armor won't offer much protection in a real fight." Hide Armor
"You wear the armor of a briggan. Best not couse any trouble on my watch." Studded Armor
"Fancy the leather armor, huh? Something to be said for going light." Leather Armor
"That's fine scale armor you've got on there. Shiny." Scaled Armor
"Hah. You wear tht armor well. Iron may be simple, but it'll stop enough to keep you in the fight." Iron Armor
"That's good armor you've got there, friend. Iron. Solid and true."
"You wear the armor of a mercenary. Now that's the life." Banded Iron Armor
"Aye, now that's some fine armor. Good old-fashioned steel." Steel Armor
"Ah, steel plate. Now that's a solid choice of armor." Steel Plate Armor
"You wear the garb of a true Nord. I salute you." Wolf Armor
"Ugh. That armor stinks of death. You been grave robbing?" Ancient Nord Armor
"Orcish armor, hmm? Had me a set of that once. Ugly and strong, like those that forged it." Orcish Armor
"Fine armor you've got there. Dwarven make, am I right?" Dwarven Armor
"Ebony armor. By Ysmir, 'tis a wondrous sight." Ebony Armor
"Is your armor made of... dragon scales? By the gods, what I wouldn't do for a set of that." Dragonscale Armor
"Is your armor made of... dragon bones? By the gods, what I wouldn't do for a set of that." Dragonplate Armor
"I know Thieves Guild armor when I see it. You're not fooling anyone." Thieves Guild Armor
"Try to hide it all you want. I know you're in the Thieves Guild... and so do the other guards."
"You wear that Stormcloak armor well, friend." Stormcloak Armor
"You wear the armor of the bear, my friend. A fine choice." Stormcloak Officer Armor
"That's some fine Imperial armor you've got there." Imperial Armor
"Judging by your armor, I'd say you're an Imperial scout. If so, well met."
"That Stormcloak armor's getting on my nerves..." Stormcloak Armor (Imperial)
"What do you think you're doing, walking around dressed like a damn Stormcloak traitor?"
"You dare strut around here, wearing that filthy Stormcloak hide?"
"For your sake, I hope your took that armor from a dead Imperial scout..." Imperial Armor (Stormcloak)
"You come talking to me wearing Imperial armor? You got stew for brains?"
"You've got a lot of nerve, walking around here dressed like an Imperial Legionnaire."


Quote Dovahkiin's Weapon
"Iron sword, huh? What are you killing, butterflies?" Iron Sword
"That iron sword's pretty undependable. You should try steel."
"Pigsticker like that's not going to get you far. Best visit the blacksmith."
"Favor a steel sword, do ya? Good choice for slashing or stabbing." Steel Sword
"Why the Elven blade, hmm? Nord steel not good enough for you?" Elven Sword
"Aye, now that there's a beautiful sword. Like a sliver of midnight." Ebony Sword
"Ugh. Your breath is foul. What've you been eating?" Ring of Namira
"Ah, now that's a fine shield. And not mere Dwarven... is it?" Spellbreaker
"You wield... Azura's Star? How... how can such a thing be possible?" Azura's Star
"By Shor, is that... is that Azura's Star? How did you come to possess such a rare treasure?" Black Star
"Who did you have to kill to get that blade?" Mehrunes' Razor
"'Tis a wicked axe you wield there, friend. That blade looks sharp enough to cut through a god." Rueful Axe
"Ah, Aegisbane. Sigil of Clan Shatter-Shield. But didn't that get stolen awhile back? Hmph. Must be rememberin' wrong." Aegisbane
"That hammer... Why that's Aegisbane, heirloom of Clan Shatter-Shield! Last I heard, it was stolen by a couple of swindlers. Alain and... Muiri. Yeah."
"That mace... get it away from me. Get it away..." Mace of Molag Bal
"No.. get that accursed mace away from me..."
"That is one... big hammer." Volendrung
"What do you aim to do with that hammer, my friend? Knock down a house?"
"What manner of staff is that? Such a horror..." Skull of Corruption
"What a foul and unnatural weapon you wield. Never have I seen its like."

Major Events

Quote Quest/Event
"By the gods! It... it can't be!" You killed a dragon
"With Irileth, you either come back covered with glory or not at all." During "Dragon Rising"
"I'm glad you're coming with us. They say Talos favors you."
"We'd better keep moving."
"We'd better keep moving. Who knows what that dragon is doing."
"I hope the tower holds out until we get there."
"That dragon should have stuck with killing Imperials. Now he's gonna learn how real Nords fight."
"My cousin's stationed at the watchtower. I hope he's alright."
"Shor's Bones. Did it kill them all...?"
"This doesn't look good."
"We'd better find out what's happened."
"Talos save us! It's a dragon!"
"You really think we can kill a dragon?"
"I can't get a beat on him."
"Stay under cover!"
"You're going to pay!"
"Fall to me, dragon!"
"Does anyone see him?"
"Don't just stand there! Kill him!"
"You don't stand a chance!"
"We don't stand a chance!"
"You're already dead."
"Take him down! It's our best chance!"
"You'll die this day, dragon!"
"Well, well. Another maggot to squash underneath my boots."
"You're outmatched!"
"Look at that!"
"I can't believe it. You're... Dragonborn..."
"I'm glad you're on our side."
"I'm proud to be your battle-brother, Dragonborn. Whiterun doesn't need to fear with you on our side."
"We taught that dragon not to mess with Whiterun, didn't we?"
"I can't believe we actually killed a dragon!"
"You sure took care of that dragon. Dragonborn or not, that's good enough for me."
"The guards in Dragonsreach say you've aided the Jarl. On behalf of Whiterun, I thank you."
"You have the Jarl's confidence, friend. And so you have mine."
"If those Whiterun guards can take down a dragon, so can we." After "Dragon Rising"
"You couldn't possibly be the Dragonborn of legend. Could you?"
"Got to thinking, maybe I'm the Dragonborn, and I just don't know it yet." After "The Way of the Voice"
"I caught a glimpse of that captured dragon. It's.. beautiful. In its own way." During "The Fallen"
"Releasing a captured dragon. I don't think I'll ever understand that one..." After "The Fallen"
"For a dragon to attack Kynesgrove... Why? Why there? Is no place safe?" After "A Blade in the Dark"
"Word is Elenwen's furious. Big party at the Thalmor Embassy, and one of the guests went someplace they shouldn't. Caused quite a commotion." After "Diplomatic Immunity"
"There was a fight down in the Ratway, but reports are... sketchy. Some say it was Thalmor Agents, others say Thieves Guild. Some say it was both." After "A Cornered Rat"
"Yes, Dovahkiin? How can I help you?" After "Dragonslayer"
"Whatever you need, Dragonborn. Just say the word."
"You have vanquished a great evil from Skyrim. You have saved this land... and our very souls."
"No matter what else happens, the guards will always be grateful for everything you've done."
"How do you do, thane?" You're a Thane
"I trust the day's found you well, thane."
"I hope you're finding the city in proper order, thane."
"Hail, Companion." After "Take Up Arms"
"Now I remember - you're that new member of the Companions. So you, what - fetch the mead?"
"If it isn't the slayer of the Glenmoril Witches. How can I assist you, Companion?" After "Blood's Honor"
"Kodlak White-Mane is in a better place now. For is there any place better than Sovngarde?"
"Uch. Been tending your hounds? You smell like wet dog." After first werewolf transformation
"I'm telling you, I heard it. Howling. Those werewolf tales are true." You're a werewolf
"Is that... fur? Coming out of your ears?"
"With respect, Companion, I'd ask that you and your friends muzzle that dog of yours. The howling coming from Jorrvaskr has gotten out of hand." You're a Companion werewolf
"You're just in time to say hello to Roggvir." First seeing Solitude
"Stand back. Interrupting an execution is a serious crime." During Roggvir's execution
"You ask me, those brats in the orphanage are better off, now that old Grelod is dead." After "Innocence Lost"
"That old woman who runs the orphanage has been murdered. Say, didn't I see you coming out of there...?"
"You know, I could have gone into that Sanctuary. Killed all those Dark Brotherhood types. But I was... sick that day." After "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!"
"Psst. Hey, I know who you are. Hail Sithis." After "With Friends Like These..."
"It ain't true what they say about you and... and the Dark Brotherhood? Is it?"
"Now, I know who you are. And... and I know your business... Just, please... These are good folk we got here. Mostly..."
"The Emperor of Skyrim. Dead. These are dark times, my friend. Dark times, indeed..." After "Hail Sithis!"
"You're that one from the College. Heard about you." After "Elder Knowledge"
"What business do College mages have in a place like Saarthal, anyway? It's a place for Nord dead... not your weird experiments." After "Under Saarthal"
"One of the guards said he saw a mage appear out of thin air. Claimed it was one of those Psijic Monks. Man's been hitting the skooma, I say."
"Imagine, blowing up an entire town. Damn College... Winterhold will never be the same." After "Containment"
"I know you had some part in Sinding's escape. Don't deny it..." Spared Sinding in "Ill Met by Moonlight"
"Halt. You're under arrest for murder and conspiracy against the city of Markarth!" During "The Forsworn Conspiracy"
"What do you need, bard?" After "Tending the Flames"
"I hear the East Empire Company has reopened, thanks in no small part to you. Well done. All of Skyrim benefits from their trade. After "Rise in the East"


Quote City Crime Scenario
"By order of the Jarl, stop right there!" Any You did a crime
"You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?"
"The "problem" is your disrespect for the laws of this land. It's time to face the Jarl's justice." You ask what's the problem
"Then pay with your blood." You resist arrest
"Skyrim has no use for your kind."
"Then let me speed your passage to Sovngarde!"
"Time to cleanse the Empire of its filth." Solitude
"I guess you're smarter than you look." Any You come quietly
"Ha, enjoy the Chill." Winterhold
"It's off to Cidhna Mine for you." Markarth
"You'll never see the sun again. No one escapes Cidhna Mine. No one."
"You're going to rot in the Dragonsreach Dungeon." Whiterun
"A stretch in the Castle Dour Dungeon will straighten you right out." Solitude
"Good enough. I'll just confiscate any stolen goods you're carrying, then you're free to go." Any You pay the fine
"Smart man. Now come along with us. We'll take any stolen goods, and you'll be free to go. After you pay the fine, of course."
"I can make all your problems with the guards go away. But it'll cost you. What do you say?" The guard likes you
"Well, your bounty is low... All right, get out of my sight. But you're known to me now, scum. Remember that." You say you don't have time for this
"You know what? You're not worth the hassle. Go... be some other guard's problem."
"You aren't fooling me. Trusted witnesses have seen you commit several murders." You say you were framed
"And there are accounts of your suspicious behavior throughout the city. Now come quietly."
"Done. Now move along, before you get me in trouble." You bribe the guard
"Well... maybe just this once. But there's still a price on your head. Better make yourself scarce, or we'll have to do this little dance again."
"I don't care who you're with. After what you did, you're lucky I'm not cutting you down where you stand!" You fail a bribery
"Not a chance. Not for this. You're going to the Cidhna Mine for the rest of your days." Markarth
"Then suffer the Emperor's wrath." Imperial
"Suit yourself, but you better decide what you want to do about this arrest. No one walks away for free." You say "Too rich for my blood."
"Wait... I know you." Any Low bounty
"In the name of the Jarl, I'm ordering you to stand fast!" High bounty
"There's no mistake. You're a wanted man... and it's time to pay for your crimes." You tell the guard (s)he's mistaken
"The only mistake was you showing your face. You've committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, and it's time to face the Jarl's justice."
"You're the one who conspired with the Forsworn against Markarth! You're coming with me, murderer!" Markarth
"You're not sweet-talking your way out of this. Not after what you did. You're headed to Cidhna Mine, and that's that." You fail persuasion
"All right, but you just watch yourself. Next time, I might not be so lenient." Any You persuade the guard
"You know what? You're not worth the hassle. Go... be some other guard's problem."
"Well, your bounty is low... All right, get out of my sight. But you're known to me now, scum. Remember that."
"Oh, forgive me, Thane. I didn't realize it was you." You're the Thane
"No one in the Jarl's court is above the charge of conspiring against the city. You're coming with us."
"The Thu'um! He summons the Thu'um!" You use the Thu'um
"It is the power of old! The Voice of the Dragonborn!"
"I need to ask you to stop. That... shouting... is making people nervous."
"Good. Glad we straightened that out." You apologise for shouting
"Can't say I've heard of any laws against... whatever that is you're doing. But I'll lock you up if I have to." You don't apologise


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