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In my life, I've done some things I'm not proud of. But I won't work for bosses who use people, or manipulate them. That's inconsiderate. But you? When I was mean to you, pushed you around and made you go to the tower with me? You got that I was just doin' my job and came ANYWAY so we could be on time. That was real considerate.
~ Slab joining Jesse. (Determinant)

Slab the Immovable is a supporting antagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode, (but not a true villain) in the 8th episode of Season 1, A Journey's End?. He determinantly becomes a supporting protagonist if Jesse's actions are "real considerate of him" by throwing him/her away from TNT made by Hadrian and Mevia, thus risking being eliminated himself.

He is voiced by Christopher Duncan.



Slab has a muscular, 2.5 block build. He wears black and white armor with spikes with a Viking Helmet. He also wears black war-gloves.


Slab, being the top Gladiator, likes being in-charge and does not like being pushed around, or being told what to do. However, he is also shown to be grateful and appreciated Jesse if he/she shows him appropriate respect by throwing him/her away from a block of TNT, thus saving him/her from being eliminated.



Slab has been shown to be the top Gladiator in the Old Builder Games, even after Hadrian and Mevia became evil and power-hungry.


  • If Jesse chooses to make Slab late, or call him a "lackey" or even a "big lug", Slab will hate him/her even more, and remain antagonistic. However, if Jesse's actions are "real considerate of him", Slab will save Jesse from being eliminated by the Old Builders, and will eventually become incorruptible at the end of the episode.


Slab: I'm still with you Jesse!

Jesse: Thank You.

~ Slab to Jesse
Slab: N-NO!

Jesse: Slab!
Slab: It was an honor... to fight beside you...
Jesse: SLAB!!!

~ Slab to Jesse
Hey. Fancy meeting you here. Y'know, I've sent hundreds of competitors to these respawn pits... Never knew it hurts so much. Sorry. That's probably not helping your mood right now.
~ Slab to Jesse in the Respawn Zone
Slab: And I'm gonna help too. You taught me alot about fairness, Jesse, and I'd like to use that new knowledge for something good. Oh. And speaking of fairness... I think this... is yours.

Lukas: Oh man!
Slab: There was some good stuff in there. I was really moved. Lukas: Awesome. (Slab walks home) Ivor: Huh. I guess he wasn't so "IMMOVEABLE" After All.

~ Slab taught to Jesse about fairness and giving Lukas' book back


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