Sled is a hero in Disney Fairies franchise. He is a friend of Periwinkle and after Tinker Bell too.


Secret of the Wings

Sled is first seen helping a fledgling owl who is carrying a basket with snowflakes, and the owl creates trouble and swoops into where the other owls are standing, where Sled finds a Wingology book on the Woods there. of the Heat and Lord Milori orders him to take it to Dewey, the keeper of winter.

The book was from Tinker Bell who wanted to know from Dewey the mystery of the glittering wings, which turns out Tink is the twin sister of Sled's friend: Periwinkle.

The two sisters spend a day together, but afterwards Tink has to go home and never see Peri again, but the two agree on how to make Peri go to the Warm Woods and Tink tells her that she, Gliss, Spike, Sled and Slush to find a big chunk of ice for the floor.

The next morning Tink and Peri with the ice machine and the block are ready to go. After a long day the block of ice has almost completely worn away and Peri is forced to return to Winder Wood and run, where as soon as she returns her wings are ruined and Lord Milori arrived there in time he heals the wings. by Peri. At that moment Miloiri reveals that since they are sisters the girls could not see each other anyway.

When the balance of the seasons goes crazy, Tink rushes to Winder Wood to warn Peri and her friends that the Tree Dust is in grave danger and Sled rushes to call Milori and the other Winder Wood fairies.

During the rescue when a Rosetta flies off her blanket to cover her wings, Sled grabs it and returns it to her and Rosetta is struck by it.

After the entire Pixie Hollow is rescued, Lord Milori and Queen Clarion understand that disaster has happened because they made that law and abolished it. To protect the wings of the fairies in warm places, the winter fairies cover them with their frost.

Sled is last seen staying with Rosetta enjoying the final party.

The Pirate Fairy

Sled's role in this film is small, he is seen at the Colosseum to see the show of Tink and Peri with the other winter fairies.

He is also one of the victims that Zarina puts to sleep in order to steal the Blue Dust. He is seen at the end of the film that he and the other fairies are awakened by Tink and Zarina herself and then in the evening he is happy to see the final show.


  • He is a little simily to Terence of the same Disney Fairies.


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