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Hero Overview

Slip is the tritagonist in the 2015 stop-motion film Shaun the Sheep Movie.


Having spent a lifetime living on the mean streets of the Big City, it’s been a lonely life for city dog, Slip. While life in the city has taken its toll on her, she’s still got heaps of charm and character – enough to quickly win over any new friends. It doesn’t take much for Shaun to fall for the endearing charms of this pooch.

While she’s used to dealing with the life in the Big City and being able to take care of herself, all Slip really wants in life is for a nice home and a loving owner. But as if Slip’s lonely life in the city is not so tough enough, she’s got a new enemy to contend with an evil animal catcher roams the city streets keen to capture stray animals for the shelter.


Slip is smart, kind, proud, aggressive, furious, good, and tough. She stops her enemies out of goodness.









  • Slip's character is similar to Fluffles, there both sad and they hate their enemies because they bully them too much, they get their happy endings, Slip gets a new owner and in Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death, Fluffles stays with Wallace and Gromit.


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