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Slippery Soap, or simply just Slippery, is a supporting character of Blue's Clues.


Slippery is a bar of soap that is shaped like a rectangle. He is found in the bathroom. As he is made of soap, he tends to slide and "slip" often, hence his name. Slippery has been a clue in one episode of the series, "What Does Blue Need?". Slippery's catchphrase is "Whoa!" because of the fact that he slides around.


Slippery has black eyes, a pink mouth, his body is lavender and his arms are lavender as well.


Slippery has appeared in many episodes. His first appearance was in What Does Blue Need? and his last appearance was in Bluestock.


  • Slippery has been voiced by three actors in the series. He was voiced by Cody Ross Pits in Seasons 1, 2, and 3. At the start of fourth season, Cody was replaced by Patrick Van Wagenan as the voice of Slippery. And at the start of sixth season, Patrick was replaced by Sean Hanley.