~ Sloth Fratelli's most famous line of the movie, which a deleted scene shows he learned from Chunk.

Lotney "Sloth" Fratelli is a character from The Goonies.

He was helping Chunk to find his friends, and he saves him from the Evil Fratellis.

Later in the movie, he fought with Mama's evil sons. He then hugged Mama and threw her in the water.

He was played by the late John Matuszak.

The Goonies

He has a superman shirt and a very deformed face (Apparently the result of having been repeatedly dropped on his head when he was a baby, and he seems to have some level of mental retardation for the same reason) with just one hair. He rescues the Goonies on One Eyed Willy's pirate ship. He talked with Chunk in Fratelli's basement. Later Chunk gave him a Baby Ruth chocolate bar when he said Chocolate, then kissed Chunk on the cheek.

Later in the film Fratellis played jump rope and when sloth ripped his suit, Sloth became a superhero and he watching the goonies from the Fratellis and threw a rock bomb to the goonies to help them escape from the Fratellis but sloth couldn't do it. In the end, Sloth was going to jail with the Fratellis but Chunk stopped the police man and the police man let him go.

In the end of the film he was Watching the Goonies again to sit on the rocks and watching One Eyed Willy's Pirate Ship, and he's a very strong man.

Other appearances

  • Sloth is shown alongside Chunk in the Robot Chicken episode "I'm Trapped".


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