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Slue-Foot Sue is a cowgirl from the Pecos Bill segment of the 1948 film, Melody Time.


Slue-Foot Sue is a beautiful redhead in braids from another part of her world. She is a thrill-seeking, fearless, and shameless daredevil. She was eventually self-shot to the moon where she stays due to Bill's horse Widowmaker, as well as her decision to wear a bustle while riding said horse.


Melody Time

Slue-Foot Sue is presented as a catfish riding cowgirl. She captures the attention of Pecos Bill and the two fall in love. The two eventually make plans to marry. The day of the ceremony, Sue dresses in a beautiful yellow wedding dress with a huge steel-spring bustle, and insists on riding Widowmaker, However, Widowmaker is jealous of Sue, because she had taken away Bill's attention from him. As soon as Sue got on Widowmaker's back, he attempts to throw Sue off in a fit of rage. Admirably, she is able to stay on the bucking horse for quite awhile. But because of the bustle she wears, Sue starts bouncing out of control and ends up shooting herself high into the air. Her bustle continues to bounce her higher each time she lands on it, and Bill attempts to rescue her with his lasso, but barely misses (It's implied that Widowmaker interfered with the attempt). At night, Sue finally lands on the moon, unable to return to earth, leaving Bill to mourn her loss. The narrator then adds that this is why coyotes howl at the moon.

House of Mouse

Slue-Foot Sue appears in the episode "House of Crime".


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