Slug is a supporting character of Transformers: Age of Extinction and a minor character of Transformers: The Last Knight. He is a savage robotic warrior who transforms into a mechanical Triceratops and was one of Lockdown's prisoners who was going to deliver him and his friends, Grimlock, Scorn and Strafe to The Creators. Even though he and his friends are the Legendnary Knights, he and his friends allied with the Autobots and helps Optimus Prime and the other Autobots defeat the KSI Decepticons that are wreaking havoc in Hong Kong.




How to Ride your Dinobot

Slug and Drift had cornered Lockdown inside an old barn, but Drift's lack of experience in fighting alongside his steed ensured it was a long day. Surprisingly, Slug had dozens of mundane services built into his body, including a toilet plunger, a yo-yo, and a coffee maker. Drift had all these deployed in his struggle to activate the weaponry. After an exasperating period of trial-and-error, Drift finally activated Slug's weaponry... but fried himself with it. Slug could only sigh in annoyance.

Age of Extinction

Slug was among the Dinobots trapped aboard Lockdown's ship until the Autobots detached that section for their own uses. When the smaller ship was shot down and crashed in the Wulong Valley near Hong Kong, Optimus freed the Dinobots, demanding they aid him against Galvatron and the Creators who wished to destroy them all. Though he initially had to be held back by Grimlock, Slug yielded to Optimus' charge when Grimlock was bested in combat. Slug allowed Drift to ride him into battle, where Slug's ferocity and durability proved a great asset against Galvatron's forces. After defeating the Decepticons, Slug helped escort the Seed to a safe location, but was briefly hampered by Lockdown's return with a magnetic vortex until Optimus destroyed it. Slug aided in holding the line so Joshua Joyce could escape with the Seed until Lockdown was defeated by Optimus and their human allies. The day won, Slug and his fellow Dinobots parted on good terms with the Autobots.

The Last Knight

Slug has a cameo appearance in The Last Knight along with Grimlock and 3 new Mini Dinobots, were hiding out with Autobots in Cade's Junkyard. He seemed to be far less trouble then his brethren, appearing to simply wander about the area. When their refuge was discovered, he aided Grimlock by bursting from the ground to charge into a convoy of TRF vehicles.





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